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Audio interview of David Bereit, National Director of 40 Days for Life, with Karen Garnett

Dallas, Texas: Late-term abortion facility to close. Mass of Thanksgiving and Prayer Service Scheduled for Saturday, June 28

The Catholic Pro-Life Committee, the Respect Life Ministry of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas, has learned that Aaron Women's Health Center, a late-term abortion facility in Dallas located at 6546 LBJ Freeway, will be closing due to eminent domain acquisition for the widening of LBJ. Aaron's was one of three abortion clinics in Texas authorized to perform late-term abortions when they upgraded their facilities in early 2005 to be in compliance with new state regulations requiring "ambulatory surgical center" status to perform abortions on unborn babies older than 16 weeks' gestation.

The Catholic Pro-Life Committee has maintained a constant presence of peaceful prayer and sidewalk counseling in front of Aaron's for over a decade, and was the second organization in the country to hold a 40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil in 2004. Aaron's was the site of that effort from December 12, 2004, Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Unborn, to January 22, 2005, anniversary of the tragic Roe vs. Wade decision, when it was remodeling to do late-term abortions.

During the first 40 Days Vigil, a 24 hour a day/7 day a week ecumenical effort was organized and more than 800 people from 89 churches and several denominations prayed and fasted for an end to the killing of babies inside the clinic. The Catholic Pro-Life Committee participated in the National 40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil in the Fall of 2007 with a vigil outside of Planned Parenthood, and plans to hold 40 Days for Life Vigils at two Dallas locations this Fall in conjunction with the national campaign.

The last day for abortion appointments at Aaron's is Saturday, June 28. "We are overjoyed to hear that this notorious place of death is not relocating, but closing," said Karen Garnett, executive director of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee. "Not only is this a victory for the pro-life movement, for mothers and for babies, but it is a victory for Dallas as well, as the horrific practice of the killing of unborn children will take place at one less location in our city.
"We thank God that Dallas - and North Texas - will no longer be the home of a late-term abortion facility. We thank God for the many lives that will be saved and mothers and fathers spared the agony and regret of abortion with the closing of Aaron's. We stand ready to offer help and healing to those who have made the abortion decision at Aaron's or any other abortion facilities. We mourn the tremendous loss of so many thousands of innocent human lives, and we'll continue to pray and work towards the day when Dallas is an abortion-free city and the blood of innocent unborn children is no longer shed here."

Bishop Kevin Farrell of the Diocese of Dallas said, "This is the best news I've heard all week," and expressed his personal gratitude to everyone who has offered prayers and sacrifices for an end to the killing. There were 13 abortion clinics in Dallas In 1990 when Bishop Charles Grahmann arrived and began leading a monthly "Second Saturday Rosary" outside Dallas abortion clinics. Seven clinics closed between 1990-2001, the last being A Choice for Women in May of 2001. After Aaron's closes, there will remain five freestanding abortion clinics in Dallas, where the Catholic Pro-Life Committee and others will continue to pray and offer alternatives to abortion.

A Mass of Thanksgiving for the closing of Aaron's will be celebrated by Rev. Msgr. Mark Seitz at 8:00 am on Saturday, June 28, at St. Rita Catholic Church, located at 12521 Inwood Rd., Dallas. St. Rita was the location of the opening Mass and kickoff rally for the 40 Days Vigil held in 2004-05. Following Mass we will take buses to Aaron's for a closing prayer service and then return to St. Rita Sweeney Hall for a reception. As they did for the opening of the 40 Days Vigil in December 2004, special guests Shawn and Marilisa Carney from the National 40 Days for Life office in Bryan will be joining us for this Saturday's prayer and thanksgiving services. All are invited to attend.

Pictures from the last 40 Days for Life Campaign held in Dallas


40 Days Interview with Karen Garnett
David Bereit is the National Campaign Director for the 40 Days for Life. Following is his June 23rd, 2008 weekly e-mail alert about the closing of Aaron's abortion mill in Dallas, TX.

Dear Andrew,

Whenever you get an e-mail with 20 exclamation marks in the subject line, you know it's one of two things...

1.) A spam message

-- OR --

2.) Something REALLY exciting

After getting off an airplane Friday coming home from a talk in Indiana, I jumped in my car and fired up my laptop to quickly check e-mail, and there it was:

"Prayers Answered!!!!!!!!!!! Aaron's Abortion
IS CLOSING!!!!!!!!!"

I opened the message to verify what I suspected, and sure enough, the notorious late-term abortion facility in Dallas, Texas -- site of the second 40 Days for Life campaign in history -- was shutting its doors for good!

Grabbing my cell phone, I dialed my friend Karen Garnett, Executive Director of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas (the group that led the 40 Days for Life outside that Aaron's Abortion center three and a half years ago.)

Karen answered and confirmed the amazing news. Her voice was almost quivering with excitement.

She only had a minute, as she was about to go on the air for a live interview with a Dallas radio station, so we agreed to talk later.

On Saturday evening I was able to get her on the phone for about twenty minutes and she agreed to let me record our discussion so I could share it with you...

...And you won't believe what she shared!

Listen right now at:


With less than a month before registrations begin for this fall's 40 Days for Life campaign, God has given us another beautiful gift to show what can happen in a community when dedicated people pray, fast, and put their faith into action.

Would you like to see this kind of impact in your hometown?

It can happen.

Ask the people of Dallas, Texas, who are now gearing up to do 40 Days for Life campaigns at TWO locations this fall.

Ask the people of Rockland County, New York -- site of the other abortion center that shut down less than two months ago, following a local 40 Days for Life campaign.

Andrew, if you want to see abortion end in your city, you owe it to yourself to listen to Karen share how 40 Days for Life -- and the ongoing faithfulness of many people over many years -- led to the closure of a late-term abortion facility.

Her words will give you great hope!

You can listen immediately by streaming web audio (optimized to work even for dial-up connections) or you can download the MP3 file to listen on your iPod or computer:


Maybe YOU'LL be the next one sending out an e-mail sharing the exciting news from your city:

"Prayers Answered!!!!!!!!!!! The
Abortion Center IS CLOSING!!!!!!!!!"

Yours for LIFE,

David Bereit
National Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

P.S.- This case study begins the pre-registration training to help you and others decide if 40 Days for Life is right for your community this fall. We certainly weren't planning to begin this way, but realize there's no better way to start than with a view of the possible end result! Listen now at:

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Aarons Abortion Mill Closing
For Immediate Release: 06-23-08
Contact Andrew Smith (Cell 972-955-8402)

Dallas, Texas: Late-term abortion facility to close. Mass of Thanksgiving to be offered.

The Catholic Pro-Life Committee, the Respect Life Ministry for the Catholic Diocese of Dallas, has confirmed that Aaron’s Women’s Health Center, a late-term abortion facility in Dallas, will shut its doors in the next two weeks. Aaron’s was one of three abortion centers in Texas that was authorized to perform late term abortions, up to 23 weeks, through a special state-certified Surgical Center status.

The Catholic Pro-Life Committee has maintained a constant presence of prayer and sidewalk counseling in front of Aaron’s for many years and was the second organization in the country to do a 40 Days for Life Campaign in 2004. Aaron’s was the focus of that effort from December 12, 2004 (Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe) - January 22, 2005 (anniversary of tragic Roe v Wade decision) when it was remodeling to do late-term abortions.

A 24 hour a day/7 day a week effort was organized then and more than 800 people from different denominations prayed and fasted for an end to the killing of babies inside the clinic.

CPLC Sidewalk Counselor Don Ancelin, a faithful , committed sidewalk counselor, who has been counseling at Aaron’s for the last three years , in talking to the clinic security guard last week, was the first to hear that employees of the clinic had been told to look for new jobs because the clinic would be closing in two weeks. Rumors of the clinics worsening financial status had been around for years. Independent sources have since confirmed the news.

We are overjoyed to hear that this notorious place of death is finally closing,” said Karen Garnett, the Executive Director of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee. “Late-term abortion is neither financially solvent, nor is it wanted in our community. We pray that God will be with all of the mothers who have entered that place and for all of their babies.”

The last abortion clinic to close in Dallas was ACH in May of 2001. There are 5 other places that perform abortions in Dallas.

A Mass of Thanksgiving will said by Msgr. Mark Seitz at 8:00 am on Saturday, June 28th at St. Rita Catholic Church, located at 12525 Inwood Rd., Dallas. Following Mass we will take buses out to Aaron’s for a prayer vigil and then return to St. Rita’s Sweeney Hall for a reception. All are invited to attend.

St. Rita Catholic Church was the location of the kickoff rally for the 40 Days Campaign held in 2004 and Msgr. Seitz walked in the procession to Aaron’s on December 12, 2004.

Pictures from the last 40 Days for Life Campaign held in Dallas.


Youth Defends Church Teaching On Abortion

Mary R. is a very special young lady from a very special family. She has four younger sisters, and amazing parents that exemplify what it means to be Catholic spouses and parents in this day and age. So it's not surprising that their eldest daughter, age fourteen, is already defending the teachings of the Catholic church with a zeal that most adults lack. Recently, for a class project Mary had to defend a controversial teaching of the Catholic church. She chose abortion. What follows is her project. She received 100% on the project, but I think I would have given it 110%.

· The topic I chose to defend is about Abortion. The Catholic Church teaches that abortion is morally wrong. (Even though it is legal)
· Abortion is legal because of the decision Roe versus Wade made on January 22, 1973. The law made abortion legal with the intent of reevaluating the decision based on new technology and scientific advancements. We now know that life begins at conception (and not when the mother could feel her baby move as thought in 1973). Ultrasound imaging has advanced our ability to see the fetus (a developing human) during stages in development in the mother’s womb.
· The Catholic Church believes that the fetus is not just another part of a women’s body like many pro choice people believe. A body part is defined by the common genetic code it shares with the rest of the body. The preborn’s genetic code differs from his/her mother’s. Ex some preborn children are male, while their moms are female. Each child has his/her own unique genetic identity, gender, heartbeat, brain waves, eyes, hands, feet, etc.
· The fetus is NOT a potential human. A fetus is a person at a particular stage of development much like a toddler or an adolescent. The fact is that something that is non human doesn’t become human by getting older and bigger, it is human even before it starts developing.
· The early stage of human life is as meaningful as any other stage. If we listened to pro abortionists who based human value on size and intelligence then we would also have to dehumanize other members of society such as mentally handicapped people.
· Since human life is valuable every human is wanted. A pregnancy may be unwanted but there is no such thing as an unwanted child. Many people are waiting to adopt babies. If we exclude all human beings who we believe are unwanted then any segment of society is at risk: AIDS victims, the elderly, etc.
· Everyone has free will, the ability to choose and make their own decisions. God is prochoice but in the sense that he wants us to make our own choice. He wants us to choose the pro life cause for many reasons. Jesus gave up his life for our sins so that we could live. God created each of us in his own image and likeness. We are each special and unique. We are each creations of God. The bible teaches that children are a gift from God. God knows each child from his/her first moment in the womb. According to Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. Before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations I appointed you.”
· Do you think God is pleased that his children are being brutally killed during an abortion? I definitely do not think he is pleased. I think in response God sends holy people that support the prolife cause. I know a friend personally who last summer started getting involved in prolife work which is where she met her husband. In February (2 consecutive Saturday’s) they found 23 aborted babies improperly disposed of in a dumpster behind an abortion clinic in Michigan. They also found patient records in the dumpster. The Prolife Committee had a funeral 2 weekends ago for the 23 aborted babies.
· Abortion is morally wrong because you are killing another person. It is against the 5th commandment “thou shall not kill”.
· Abortion is taking an innocent life. Exodus 20:13 says “you shall not kill” and The Catechism of the Catholic Church 2270 states “Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the right of a person- among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life.”
· Every abortion stops a beating heart and terminates measurable brain waves.
· Americans kill nearly 1 million preborn babies a year through abortion. That is more than 2,700 a day or about one every 30 seconds. Hitler killed 6 million Jews but since 1973 Americans have exterminated more than 44 million preborn babies.
· Why haven’t abortions stopped?
-The Abortion industry makes a lot of money. $$ For abortion.
In conclusion…
· Any circumstances do not justify killing an innocent human being.
· In an abortion the rights of the baby are being denied.
Choose Pro Life!!
Praying for Life in McKinney
Melaine Gutierrez is leading up an effort in McKinney, Texas to shut down a newly-opened Planned Parenthood Express Clinic. Here is today's report. You can find more information on the vigil blog or web site.

Thank you to all of our prayer warriors - those who came to be a public witness and those who were praying from home and work today!

We had many small victories today.

- A young woman drove by the PPE and it was obvious to several of the volunteers that she wanted to go into the PPE. However she looked at the 12 Christians who were standing and praying in front of the PPE and she drove in a circle then drove away.

- 2 other young women came into the PPE and we were able to give me information when they left the PPE, and told them that we would be praying for them. Please pray for them : their names are Carissa and Laureno

- The Planned Parenthood Express hired a security guard when they saw us there - this is a victory because this is an expense for them. Remember - they are a business with a bottom line. If they aren't making money they will close and go away!!!! The same security seemed sympathetic to us. He was friendly, smiled, and I am pretty sure I saw him mouthing the words to the rosary as some of our volunteers prayed out loud!!!!

- Mr. Jim's pizza is owned by a Christian couple who agreed not to handout any PPE material. They are prolife and said if we need anything to mention that we are with the group of people praying to close the PPE and they will give us a discount.

- The Donut shop is owned by a prolife Christian as well! We have a huge communication barrier - if anyone can help us with this please let us know.

- The McKinney newspaper interviewed both Carol and myself - so maybe that will help us raise awareness that there is a group of Christ's faithful who are committed to shutting down this PPE.

- We had 12 Christians from 4 different churches who came today to pray as a united Body of Christ.

- The prayer vigil participants now have the support of EVERY store/vendor in the strip center with the exception of the Custom bath & countertop store. We have not been able to visit with the storeowner yet. I will keep trying.

- We need a Korean speaking translator to talk to the Donut shop ownero We need to get every hour that is open for business covered by a prayer warrior.

Final thoughts:

Matthew 18:20 For wherever two or three are gathered in My name, there I AM in the midst of them. Today, we gathered, as Christ's faithful. Today, we prayed both together and separately. Today, Christ saw that although we have different ways of worshipping Him, and different ways of praying, we also have common ground. We are united in our belief that Christ alone is our Lord and Savior. We are united in our belief that Christ does not wish for innocent unborn babies to be aborted. We are united in Christian love for each other. Today, we know that at least two young women were given educational materials, and they know we are praying for them.

While we were driving away from the PPE today we saw a man and a woman enter the shop. Historically, when a man and woman enter together they are seeking information about abortion. We were unable to deliver Christ's message to that couple today. Though they are nameless to us, Christ knows who they are - please lift them up in your prayers!

Today several people who had never been to a Planned Parenthood put aside their own fears and reservations to follow Christ into battle. Make no mistake - this is a battle. We have to be firmly rooted in Christ's love to keep our hands on his plow. Luke 9:62 Jesus said to him, No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back [to the things behind] is fit for the kingdom of God. Though our enemy may be larger than us as individuals, we are capable, if it is Christ's will, of winning this battle! Matthew 19:26 But Jesus looked at them and said, With men this is impossible, but all things are possible with God.

REMEMBER:We have a meeting Thursday June 5th at St Michael Catholic Church in McKinney @ 7 PM

Invite someone!!!

P.S. If any of you have time on your hands before the vigil officially starts and wants to go to the clinic during business hours we can try to coordinate and try to make sure no one goes alone - just call me or email me and give as much notice as possible.

God Bless
Melaine Gutierrez
214.385.6823 cell

"In the morning, O Lord, You will hear my voice; In the morning I will order my prayer to you and eagerly watch." ~Psalm 5:3