So obvious, even a supermodel gets it
LifeNews.com reports on a war between supermodels over the issue of abortion.

I think the article is self-explanatory so take a read of it.
The delights of Fatherhood
Posts on this blog have been few and far between because your blogmaster, Andrew, has been engaged in the newfound delights of fatherhood.

Cecilia Jane was born on June 5th, 2007 and was 8.9lbs. Click here for the family blog and more pictures and commentary.

One of Cecilia's first pro-life acts was to donate her cord blood to the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center which is a facility that enables hospitals to utilize the rich source of stem cells that the cord blood contains. These stem cells (which are not embryonic and therefore OK to use) are being used to heal patients of many different illnesses.

In other words, it is the ultimate recycling project.

Here is a good article from Medical News Today about the donation of cord blood.

Now that Andrew is back to work, blogging should resume and we will even be posting more regularly.


Are we "anti-abortion" or pro-life?
A headline from the Wichita Eagle in Kansas reads as follows:

"National anti-abortion convention starts today in KC"

The headline refers to the annual conference of the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC). Since I thought the headline might not be totally accurate, I wandered over to NRLC's web site to see how the conference was billed.

The actual title of the conference is, "35th Annual National Right to Life Convention" and it's really interesting how I could not find the words "anti-abortion" anywhere in the promotion of their conference.

I wonder where the Eagle got their headline from and why they labeled the conference incorrectly? A lady on the Wichita Eagle blog even commented on the strange mis-wording of the conference.


Prudentialism vs. Absolutism
Over on the blog of Jill Stanek, there has been a raging debate between pro-lifers on whether or not to support incremental legislation and whether or not such legislation helps or hinders the pro-life cause.

Most of the people in the pro-life movement support incremental legislation because it works. In many states where various laws restricting abortion have been implemented we have seen a reduction in the numbers of abortions performed.

On the other side you have those who say that the support of any legislation that does not absolutely ban abortion in effect allows abortion to continue, and in some cases even encourages it, and is therefore evil and cannot be supported.

One of the bases for this argument is that by allowing abortion to continue, these types of laws chip away at the dignity of the human person and help people to turn away from the humanity of the unborn. The end result, it would seem, is a more callous disregard for the rights of the unborn and a slow, slippery slope towards legitimizing more abhorrent forms of death to more groups of people.

But is the assertion correct that supporting incremental laws chips away at already existing human dignities? Another way to ask that question is: Does the child in the womb today enjoy protected status that would demand respect for their life?

The answer, according to the Supreme Court is a big, fat "NO" and the exact wording from the Roe V. Wade decision goes like this,

"All this, together with our observation, supra, that throughout the major portion of the 19th century prevailing legal abortion practices were far freer than they are today, persuades us that the word "person," as used in the Fourteenth Amendment, does not include the unborn."

You can't chip away at something that doesn't exist.

Our culture is called a "culture of death" exactly because we lack the traditional respect for the dignity of the human person that is necessary for our survival. In order to fix the culture, we must take the time and effort to rebuild that respect for human life and do it one step at a time. Every human endeavour works this way and the fight to restore protection for the unborn is no different.

Or as Pope John Paul II put it when he addressed the young people gathered by the millions in Toronto for World Youth Day in 2002:

"The aspiration that humanity nurtures, amid countless injustices and sufferings, is the hope of a new civilization marked by freedom and peace. But for such an undertaking, a new generation of builders is needed. Moved not by fear or violence but by the urgency of genuine love, they must learn to build, brick by brick, the city of God within the city of man."


Embryo tactics
Here is a great article from Fr. Tad about the fallacy of arguments being used to support experimentation on embryonic stem-cells.

Fr. Tad notes that he frequently engages in debates with researchers and public policy advocates on this issue and last summer, we were blessed to see him in action on the campus of Southern Methodist University.

Fr. Tads opponent in the debate was lady who raises funds, whose name I forget, for the Stem Cell Research Foundation in Clarksburg, MD.

Only a few minutes into the debate, I realized that the poor woman was way out of her league and was going to take a whipping like never before. Fr. Tad is a scientist with incredible expertise in the field and the woman from the Stem Cell Research Foundation, well, her specialty seemed to be finding the shortest skirt possible and wearing it in meetings with potential donors.

Her only defense in supporting the use of embryonic stem-cells was the fact that Harvard and other schools were using it, so shouldn't everyone? Fr. Tad consistently demonstrated brilliance in explaining why using embryos for experimentation was wrong and should not be done.

I began to really feel sorry for the lady towards the end when the debate was opened up to questions from the audience and she began to ask Fr. Tad questions. He received applause after a number of his answers and after it was all over, Fr. Tad was swarmed with people asking him questions. I was among the crowd gathering to listen and at one point looked over to where Ms. SCRF was packing up her computer and notes and not one person was talking to her.

The bottom line is, if you ever get the chance to hear Fr. Tad debate anyone, clear your calendar and go. I promise you, it will be one of the most enlightening experiences of your life.

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Unborn baby killed in shooting

Just one question: If this violence is wrong, which it is, and if this crime is worthy of a news story, which it is, why is abortion legal, and why are abortions not reported in the newspaper?

Unborn baby killed in shooting 9:37 AM CT

09:57 AM CDT on Thursday, June 14, 2007

By MATTHEW HAAG and JOSH DAVIS / The Dallas Morning News
haag@dallasnews.com and jodavis@dallasnews.com

2200 block of Canton Street, Dallas

A pregnant woman’s unborn baby was shot and killed by apparent random gunfire that entered her apartment near downtown Dallas early Thursday morning, police said.

The woman was sleeping in her third-story apartment at the Camden Farmers Market complex in the 2200 block of Canton St. around 2 a.m. when she was shot at least twice in the back, killing the fetus, said her husband Santos Perez.

She was taken to Baylor University Medical Center, where she was listed in stable condition, Mr. Perez said. A person outside of the apartment, who said he was the victim’s brother-in-law, said that she “was doing fine.”

Mr. Perez said he woke to the sounds of multiple gunshots going through the French doors of his balcony and then the screams of his wife.

“I woke up because she was screaming,” he said. “I just pulled her out of the bed and onto the floor.”

Mr. Perez then called 911.

Daryl Matthews, a next door neighbor, said he heard what seemed to be around seven to eight bullets go into the couple’s apartment.

“I just heard ‘pow, pow, pow,’” Mr. Matthews said. “It sounded like he unloaded a full clip.”

Detectives believe the shots were fired from an elevated portion of North Central Expressway which runs adjacent to the apartments.

Mrs. Perez’s baby boy was due July 28, Mr. Perez said.

WFAA-TV (Channel 8) contributed to this report.

Submitted by Ellen Rossini
Catholic Pro-Life Committee Development Director


They told me the baby's name was Mauricio
On Sunday, May 27th, the feast of Pentecost, we attended Mass in the resort town of Playa del Carmen, Mexico, which was about a 30-minute drive from our hotel. We had inquired at the front desk about Mass times and was told there were three Masses on the weekend, but only the 10:00 Mass on Sunday was in English. It was raining when we arrived at the lovely church, Nuestra Senora del Carmen, but there was a fairly large crowd gathering. Once inside we were happy to learn that this was First Communion Day in the parish, so we knew the Mass was definitely not going to be in English!

The children -- ages from about 8 to 12 -- were precious in their white dresses and veils and dark suits and ties. They sat in the front with their families. At the Offertory, they brought up the gifts, which consisted of everything from bottles of wine to baskets of fruit and even bags of potato chips! Later when they were about to receive Communion, the pastor asked them to line up by twos. He then lit a candle from the large Pascal candle in the center of the aisle. Each child received a lit candle which they carried up in procession. All the children, and indeed the whole congregation, received the Eucharist on the tongue, not in the hand. The entire liturgy and the music were very beautiful and inspiring, but they were not the reason why God wanted Dan and me to be at that particular Mass.

Sitting directly in front of us was a young married couple, attractive and nicely dressed. They had their baby with them, who looked to be about four months old. The baby had the unmistakable signs of Down Syndrome, but appeared very alert and happy, smiling whenever his parents talked to him. Next to the mother was an older couple, which we assumed were the grandparents. They took turns holding the baby and obviously were very proud of their grandson. The father especially was so loving and solicitous of the baby. He held him and kept kissing him on his head throughout the Mass. The couple knew many people there (Sunday Mass is a very social affair in Mexico; the Kiss of Peace took nearly five minutes!) Everyone who came up to the baby made over him and said how beautiful he was, as did I. They told me the baby's name was Mauricio.

As we exited the church I saw a bulletin board with two very recognizable posters. One said, "La vida es un obsequio muy grande de Dios," (Life is God's greatest gift) and the other was a picture of an aborted ten-week old fetus. Under the picture was the caption, "La verdad sobre el aborto" (The truth about abortion.) It was obvious that the sanctity of life was being proclaimed in that parish, and at least two people had understood the message and were living it in a very real way.

Recent statistics show that when Down Syndrome is diagnosed prenatally (and such testing is now being mandated by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) approximately 85% of those babies will be killed by abortion. The legislature in Mexico recently voted to allow abortions in Mexico up to 12 weeks. Who knows? Would Baby Mauricio have been there last Sunday, if his mother had been given that advice by her physician? From what I witnessed, his parents accept and love him unconditionally. I would like to believe they would have chosen life for him, no matter what they knew beforehand.

Submitted by Patty Sherrod

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