40 Days for Life Journal Entries

We welcome those who come to pray with us to share their experience in our journal at the vigil site. Below are a few entries:

10/06/07 It was most heartening to see so many prayers (120) united for the defense of the unborn. With this effort there is great hope that God will intervene and bring our country back to its God given ideals.

10/05/07 Proverbs 1:20-25 Destiny

10/02/07 Man came by to talk about how he had asked his wife to abort their first child. He came to tears as he expressed his sorrow for his way of thinking and thanked God his wife did not go through with it. His wife passed away when the child was young and he had to raise the child my himself. He remembers the joy of raising his little girl and feels blessed to have watched her grow up. She is now 24 years old and is about to graduate from college!

10/02/07 7:10 pm The sun is setting and my time here on this noisy street is coming to an end...I wonder as I watch the cars going by if these people have any idea what is going on only a few feet away in that horrible black building...I pray that the Holy Spirit will fill their hearts and change this world! Thanks to all who stayed with me today...you all are special angels! Tom

9/27/07 I consider it an honor and a privilege to "stand in the gap" for the unborn child! Mary Ann

9/27/07 Beautiful Morning! God graced us with a perfect day for the beginning of the end to legalized abortion in this nation. the prayers of my wife and I join with all those participating in 40 Days for Life! May they rise as a fragrant offering to Our Lord! Amen!

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