Do You Know?
(The Parish Coordinator from St. Monica Church in Dallas, Chuck Suter, will start a regular series of articles on our blog entitled "Do You Know?" Here is the first edition.)


January 22nd, 1973 to January 22nd, 2008! 35 years of death to two generations of potenti-ally productive American citizens lost forever --- 48,000,000 Unborn Babies in the U.S. only.

WILL IT EVER END and how will it end?

Yes! It will end because we are winning the war against abortion. As Father Pavone says, we have already won because of Christ's victory over death.


Well, do you know there are three very powerful reason's why reversal of Roe v Wade will not be denied regardless of the politics of the Supreme Court justices? They are:

1) DNA and 4-D ultrasound technology now scientifically prove that new life exists immediately upon conception. This is no longer an unknown fact as it was in 1973and it means that this single conceived cell is now known today to have what the legal profession calls "PERSONHOOD."

2) The American Center for Law and Justice, a pro-life law firm working diligently for many years to overturn Roe v Wade, reported two years ago that, for the first time, pro-life attorneys are being allowed to present full evidence about the horrific torture-murder that constitutes abortion. This means that the whole panorama of evidence -- the awful truth -- can go on the record when the abortion ban issue again reaches the Supreme Court. How can even liberal justices deny the visual truth?

3) But, most important of all, the coup de grace that will decisively end legal abortion in America are two little known, never talked about concessions that were unwittingly put in place by the Court itself in its 1973 Row v Wade decision. The majority position admitted the one thing that would cause their case for legal abortions to collapse. They are in writing as follows:

First; "We need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins...the judiciary at this point in the development of man's knowledge, is not in a position to speculate as to the answer."

Second; "If this suggestion of personhood is established, the appellant's case [i.e., 'Roe' who sought an abortion], of course, collapses, for the fetus' right to life is then guaranteed specifically by the [14th] amendment.

However, for these facts to produce their glorious effect, we must continue our outrage to-ward this monstrous killing to be sure that a strong case will be brought to the court on which the justices are forced to make their predecessors eat their own words. As of this writing on January 18th, 2008, there are a number of state ban-on-abortion cases already initiated and making their way through the system.

Then, of course, do you know, the whole issue will be turned over to each state's legislature and some will continue legal abortion until we go through the same process all over again in each state's supreme court until we run out of states. Until then, it's just a matter of time.

So, our primary action is simple: Prayer will get the job done.

Chuck Suter
St. Monica's Catholic Church Parish Pro-Life Coordinator


Abortion facility in Michigan searched by police
One of the many hallmarks of the pro-abortion movement is the slogan, "safe, legal and rare."

How that perceived notion fits in with the local police and the state Department of Environmental Quality raiding your trash dumpster and hauling away its contents is yet to be determined.

Dr. Alberto Hodari is a late term abortionist who owns six abortion clinics in Michigan. He has been previously accused of killing two girls from abortion and in a talk to medical students at Wayne State University said that he had a license to lie to his patients.

Concerned pro-lifers in Michigan began checking the contents of his trash after rumors of Dr. Hodari raping sedated patients began to float around. After a few weeks of checking the dumpster on a regular basis, they notified the police who just this morning carried out the raid.

While the newspaper reported in a gentle tone that "medical waste" was found in the dumpster, the people who went through the trash found things that can only turn your stomach. Below are excerpts from a report made for the police:

(Warning, graphic content)

"Milissa and I began investigating the dumpster behind the Womancare facility Friday, February 8, 2008.

What we found that Friday were patient records and open condom wrappers

By looking through these documents we learned patients' names, phone numbers, addresses, ages, how long their pregnancy had lasted, what they were being seen by the doctor for, insurance forms, methods of payment, and several lab reports. We also discovered in the trash used syringes, ultrasound pictures of the babies, dozens of used drug vials, several used IV bags with the sharps still attached, bloody absorbent paper, open condom wrappers, used condoms, and bloody used laminaria.

On our third trash investigation we also found bloody canulas and human tissue distinguishably not a baby, except this time we also discovered infant body parts, including arms, hands, legs, feet, a spine, a ribcage, and eyes.

We estimate we found at least ten different infants. Each one was wrapped in a bloody gauze, tied at the end. Once you turned these inside out, you would find the infant parts. Each bloody gauze that was filled with an infant was wrapped in the absorbent paper used to cover the operating table which was soaked in blood, and used, bloody, latex gloves."
The police indicated they may not be able to pursue criminal charges on Dr. Hodari, but surely everyone can see this should not be tolerated in our society. Right?

Our friend Jill has more.

(Photo of man in Hodari dumpster from the Detroit News)


Video from the Dallas Rally and March for Life