Do You Know?
(The Parish Coordinator from St. Monica Church in Dallas, Chuck Suter, will start a regular series of articles on our blog entitled "Do You Know?" Here is the first edition.)


January 22nd, 1973 to January 22nd, 2008! 35 years of death to two generations of potenti-ally productive American citizens lost forever --- 48,000,000 Unborn Babies in the U.S. only.

WILL IT EVER END and how will it end?

Yes! It will end because we are winning the war against abortion. As Father Pavone says, we have already won because of Christ's victory over death.


Well, do you know there are three very powerful reason's why reversal of Roe v Wade will not be denied regardless of the politics of the Supreme Court justices? They are:

1) DNA and 4-D ultrasound technology now scientifically prove that new life exists immediately upon conception. This is no longer an unknown fact as it was in 1973and it means that this single conceived cell is now known today to have what the legal profession calls "PERSONHOOD."

2) The American Center for Law and Justice, a pro-life law firm working diligently for many years to overturn Roe v Wade, reported two years ago that, for the first time, pro-life attorneys are being allowed to present full evidence about the horrific torture-murder that constitutes abortion. This means that the whole panorama of evidence -- the awful truth -- can go on the record when the abortion ban issue again reaches the Supreme Court. How can even liberal justices deny the visual truth?

3) But, most important of all, the coup de grace that will decisively end legal abortion in America are two little known, never talked about concessions that were unwittingly put in place by the Court itself in its 1973 Row v Wade decision. The majority position admitted the one thing that would cause their case for legal abortions to collapse. They are in writing as follows:

First; "We need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins...the judiciary at this point in the development of man's knowledge, is not in a position to speculate as to the answer."

Second; "If this suggestion of personhood is established, the appellant's case [i.e., 'Roe' who sought an abortion], of course, collapses, for the fetus' right to life is then guaranteed specifically by the [14th] amendment.

However, for these facts to produce their glorious effect, we must continue our outrage to-ward this monstrous killing to be sure that a strong case will be brought to the court on which the justices are forced to make their predecessors eat their own words. As of this writing on January 18th, 2008, there are a number of state ban-on-abortion cases already initiated and making their way through the system.

Then, of course, do you know, the whole issue will be turned over to each state's legislature and some will continue legal abortion until we go through the same process all over again in each state's supreme court until we run out of states. Until then, it's just a matter of time.

So, our primary action is simple: Prayer will get the job done.

Chuck Suter
St. Monica's Catholic Church Parish Pro-Life Coordinator


Blogger Henry said...
From a learned friend,

My fellow Catholics and Christians,

This election year has much at stake. With every new term we hope and pray for the unity of the nation under God and for the respect and love of man as our Lord Jesus Christ taught us.

It transpires from the campaign, however, that one of the presidential hopefuls, Sen. Barack Hussein Obama (D. Illinois) is offending not only our very beliefs, but challenging the peace and stability of the nation as a whole with his past and present actions.

As I am sure you have heard in the last few weeks, the man he calls his spiritual mentor, Jeremiah A. Wright, has gone on record for his own personal account of how our Lord was put to death. According to Wright:

"Jesus' enemies had their opinion about Him”

"The Italians for the most part looked down their garlic noses at the Galileans."

"From the circumstances surrounding Jesus' birth (in a barn in a township that was under the Apartheid Roman government that said his daddy had to be in), up to and including the circumstances surrounding Jesus' death on a cross, a Roman cross, public lynching Italian style. “

Apart from Reverend Wright’s poor knowledge of history, as Italy as a nation or the idea of Italians did not exist in Roman times, nor did the Roman Empire practice apartheid - with its extension all over the known world then, the importing of cultures and immigration of people from all over the world to Rome, how could it be considered apartheid? Furthermore, to this day, a census still calls for the population to register from their hometown. Reverend Wright obviously has never partaken in a census!

This person, with whom Senator Obama has associated for 20 years, has the audacity to distort the Passion of our Lord in this way. Senator Obama has never denounced his comments, nor distanced himself from this man.

Secondly, there is the very disturbing issue of Senator Obama’s kinship with Kenyan dictator Raila Odinga. Minister Odinga is Senator Obama’s cousin and has on many occasions openly supported him as a politician. At least 1000 Christians have been killed by fire and macheted under Odinga’s rule. With the murders respectively of Father Andrea Santoro in Turkey in 2006 and Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho last month, there is plausible reason for concern in these areas for the safety of Christians and the freedom to practice their faith.

Again, Senator Obama has not distanced himself from this vicious tyrant he calls his cousin – can we as Catholics and Christians feel safe in tomorrow’s world under an Obama presidency if he does not denounce religious hate crimes?

There are also two issues on which Senator Obama has taken controversial stances on the future of children, which are very far from our viewpoint as Catholics, and those being the legalization of partial abortion and sex education as early as Kindergarten for children! As if the crime and anguish of abortion weren’t enough (he dismisses unwanted pregnancy simply as a mistake that can be taken care of by an abortion), Senator Obama, if elected, wants to make late-trimester abortions, thus the killing of nearly newborns, perfectly legal! If we were to add to that the appalling idea that he does not want children to be children anymore by proposing sex education at a tender age, it is quite clear that Senator Obama is an enemy both of children, though he is the father of two very young daughters, and of the Christianity he claims to profess.

When we vote this November, we must choose first and foremost a candidate who will not offend our beliefs, the gift of life, or the future of our children. Given the arguments presented above, I truly feel that Senator Obama is not the candidate we can trust to respect either the teachings of either our Lord or our fellow man.

Conchita Vecchio

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