Natalie G.

This story is particularly nice because of the connections it has to our Catholic parishes, which is where pro-life awareness takes root and blossoms into pro-life action. There are several such “connections,” some of which go back quite a way.

It began eight years ago when Natalie G., who happens to be the daughter of one of parish pro-life coordinators, became pregnant at the age of seventeen. From the very first Natalie decided two things: She would not have an abortion (despite pressure from the baby’s father); and she would not parent, but instead place her child for adoption. Her decision met with much resistance from friends, but her strongly pro-life parents supported her all the way. Natalie chose to have an open adoption, and selected a couple with one child. Through the years she has stayed in contact with her daughter, Kelly, and has an excellent relationship with her adoptive parents.

Recently, Natalie has become a spokesperson for open adoption and frequently talks to teens and adult groups on behalf of Catholic Charities Maternity and Adoption Services. At an adoption awareness conference in Waxahachie in November, I met Natalie and heard her tell her story. She is such a lovely, bright young woman, full of enthusiasm for the Lord. She truly believes she is doing His work by spreading the good news about adoption, which, unfortunately, is not an option that many young women choose today.

Another connection was through my parish, St. Joseph’s in Richardson. I received a call from a young lady a few weeks ago. Her name is Natalie, too. She is 22, unmarried, and three months pregnant. She learned about me through our parish youth minister, with whom she has stayed in touch since leaving high school. Tina gave her my number and told her she could get assistance through Project Gabriel. Natalie called me and we talked for a long time. She said she would very much like a Gabriel Angel and had chosen adoption for her baby, but did not know where to begin. She also wanted to talk to someone around her own age who had placed her child. I immediately thought of Natalie G, who responded to my request by e-mail. The two Natalies have exchanged numbers and are working with her Gabriel Angel, Kathie Mallard, a St. Joseph parishioner, who is also an adopted child.

I have confidence that as this story continues to unfold, all these wonderful “connections” are in God’s hands!

Submitted by Patty Sherrod
December 16, 2005