Breaking News: Late-term abortion facility opening in North Dallas; Prayers needed!
The Southwestern late-term abortion center will be the new late-term abortion clinic in town when it soon opens its doors for killing unborn babies up to 24 weeks old. Aaron’s abortion clinic, which closed its doors in August 2008, was the last late-term abortion clinic in Dallas.

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“While we were aware that plans were in the works for a possible new facility affiliated with Fairmount after Aaron’s' closure, we have been praying that this would not be an additional facility,” said Karen Garnett, Executive Director of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee.

“We are calling on people of faith from all over Dallas and the surrounding suburbs to join with us in a renewed, massive prayer and public witness effort against this grave evil in our community. We also ask all people of faith to pray for the conversion of heart of abortionist Dr. Curtis Boyd, his wife Glenna Halvorson-Boyd, Ph.D., and all the clinic staff at the Southwestern abortion center on Greenville Avenue, as well as the abortionists and clinic workers at the other four abortion facilities in Dallas.”

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Grateful to God no more children will die at 2921 Fairmount

Fairmount abortion center, near Uptown Dallas, silently closed its doors this week to combine with the new facility located on the Northeast corner of Royal Lane and Greenville Avenue. Fairmont has been the site of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee Roe Memorial Rosary for more than a decade. Fairmount was the first abortion facility in Dallas and the state of Texas. We are grateful to God that no more children will die at 2921 Fairmount St. in Dallas.

Join us for a service in memory of each of the thousands of babies who were killed in that building over the last 36 years, and in prayer for the healing of all the mothers and fathers who lost their children there.

What: Closing Memorial Prayer Service at Fairmount

Where: Fairmount abortion center
2921 Fairmount St.
Dallas, TX
Date: Saturday, November 7
Time: 4:30 - 5:30 p.m.

What can I do?
Building on the momentum of the current 40 Days for Life-Dallas Campaign, where 2,000 people of faith have come out to pray outside of Robinson's abortion center on Record Crossing, the CPLC is calling for a massive prayer and public witness effort, particularly at this new late-term abortion facility, to bring about an end to the killing of innocent unborn children at the 5 abortion centers in Dallas.

Here is a listing of the Catholic Churches closest to this new abortion center (there are a number of nearby churches of other denominations as well):

St. Patrick – 3.78 miles
St. Paul, Richardson – 4.79 miles
Christ the King – 4.97 miles (the abortion facility is in the boundaries of Christ the King Parish)
St. Rita – 5.34 miles
St. Thomas Aquinas – 5.53 miles

(This is what the 24 week-old babies look like in womb when they are about to be killed legally at the late-term abortion clinic.)

If you belong to one of these churches, share this information with your pastor and your fellow parishioners and make time to go pray in front of the new facility.

Remember, God has already won the war. It’s our duty to fight these spiritual battles as they come. Keep hoping, keep praying and keep watching out for news and action opportunities as events develop.
A Sidewalk Counselor's Story: 'Both definitely looked a little peaceful when they decided to wait'
Dear friends,

I was out at Robinson's this morning..... spoke with a couple for 45 minutes. They did turn away. Praise God. Please pray for Maria & Ruben. She is 5 weeks along.Very tense story/situation....very anguished looks on both of them. Both definitely looked a little peaceful when they decided to wait. They did not get out of their car.

Unfortunately Birthchoice across the street was not open but even with that they did not go into Robinson's. Need lots of prayers, she does have White Rose information also. At the end she called her mom while in the car telling her she needed to speak with her (as she has told no one else about the baby).

Please pray that her mom has the 'heart of a mother' when Maria speaks with her, that she want God's best for her daughter and grandchild, and that Maria keep her resolve no matter who around her is against this baby.

St. Michael be with this family,

God's Peace

- A CPLC Sidewalk Counselor


A Sidewalk Counselor's Prayer: 'The tears really flowed'
Please pray for turnaway at Routh street abortion clinic last week. She appears very poor and has a boyfriend who is not helpful; she also has a 15 mo. old child. The tears really flowed. I was able to get her into the White Rose parking lot and, God be thanked, Geri (White Rose counselor) had just arrived minutes earlier. I took her upstairs and turned her over to Geri who put her through their entire counseling procedure. I was still in the alley when she left a couple hours later.

She stopped her car and when I asked her said she planned to have her baby.

She said she would call me--I hope she does--I would like to have a baby shower for her. :) Please pray that she stays strong in her resolve to have her child and that God will bless her with abundant graces to be a good daughter of God and a good mother.

- A CPLC Sidewalk Counselor


Dallas '40 Days' gets national attention
Check it out! Our efforts with the Dallas 40 Days for Life campaign made it on today's Lifesitenews.com headlines!

Click here to read the article.

Warning: Hormonal contraceptives linked to Swiss woman's Death; blood clots in lungs of Austin woman
October 14, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - The Swiss government is linking a woman's death to the popular birth control product Yaz made by Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

The woman died of a pulmonary embolism in June, just 10 months after starting the hormonal contraceptive.

The government agency, Swissmedic has launched an investigation into the death. The agency stated on its website that "thromboembolic complications are rare but well-known complications associated" with hormonal contraceptives. Between January 1, 2005, and April 15, 2009, stated Swissmedic, there were a total of 691 reports of suspected adverse reactions linked to contraceptives in Sweden, of which 49 were venous thromboembolism. The agency also related 9 deaths from pulmonary embolism associated with the contraceptives since 1990.

Last month American Life League (ALL), which has a program highlighting the risks involved in hormonal contraceptives, reported that Patti Kelly, 28, of Austin, Texas was diagnosed in August with multiple blood clots in both lungs. Her doctor told her that if she hadn't come into the emergency room when she did, she "could have died instantly." Her doctor attributed the blood clots to her use of hormonal contraceptives.

While the feminist establishment is busy playing a twisted game of 'See No Evil' for the sake of their birth control agenda, women are dying," said Marie Hahnenberg, ALL's director of The Pill Kills project. "How long are they going to hide the dangerous side effects of birth control? How many more women have to die?"

Other side effects of hormonal contraceptives include increased risk of cancer, bone loss and cerebral hemorrhage.

"The big pharmaceutical companies, feminists and the pro-abortion lobby are busy convincing us that birth control allows us to have perfectly planned life," Hahnenberg said. "But the truth is birth control is dangerous and sometimes deadly and women deserve the truth - now."
Fruits of our labor: 18 Planned Parenthoods close their doors this year
Reports from the American Life League (ALL) and 40 Days for Life say that the Planned Parenthood in Kalispell, Montana will be closing its doors on November 20. Kalispell is the largest city and commercial center of Northwest Montana and the site of Kalispell's 40 Days for Life vigil this past spring 2009.

Planned Parenthood and its supporters in politics and the media would like us to think that we’re outnumbered, out funded, and that we should just accept that reality and give up.

Planned Parenthood is wrong. We’re here. We’re not going anywhere. And, with God’s help, we ARE making a difference.

According to ALL:

“PP cites a decline in patients as the reason for the closure. The Kalispell facility committed abortions on preborn babies of up to 21.6 weeks.

PP officials in Kirksville, Missouri, also cited declining patient numbers, in addition to lack of contributions, as reasons for the recent closure of PP’s Kirksville facility.

This closure follows on the heels of the closure or announced pending closure of 17 other PP facilities this year: PP of El Paso, Texas, seven facilities; PP of Indiana, five facilities; Rhode Island, one facility; Virginia, one facility; Washington, one facility; and Wisconsin, one facility.”

David Bereit, 40 Days for Life National Director writes on his blog:

“[Stacy James, a Montana Planned Parenthood executive] said nothing at all, however, about the 40 days of prayer, fasting and constant vigil in front of the Kalispell facility this spring.

Karen, the local 40 Days for Life coordinator in Kalispell, had no doubt as to why the clinic is shutting its doors forever. 'Our heartfelt pleas to God for an end to abortion here in Kalispell are being answered,' she said. 'Let us rejoice in our mighty God who has looked down upon His with such great favor.'

The Kalispell team is currently holding a 40 Days for Life campaign outside another local abortion facility, but the first thing they did upon hearing the news about the closure was to return to the soon- to-be-closing Planned Parenthood facility to thank the Lord for this amazing victory.”

If you’re not already subscribed to ALL’s STOPP e-update, it’s great for keeping up with all the life issues relating to Planned Parenthood. Click here to subscribe.

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More censorship: Policeman confiscates Illinois pro-lifer's Christ image
By Kathleen Gilbert

ROCKFORD, Illinois, October 12, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Another bizarre happening at the Northern Illinois Women's Center in Rockford, Illinois was reported last week, with one area pro-lifer saying that a policeman confiscated his large sign portraying an image of Jesus - though the same officer declined to remove an obscene image of Christ perched in the abortion facility's window.

The Northern Illinois Women's Center is notorious as the site of routine abuses against the community of pro-lifers who keep vigil there and for the grotesque and often blasphemous displays in the windows of the building.

Veteran Rockford pro-life witness Kevin Rilott told LifeSiteNews.com (LSN) last week that the latest incident occurred Wednesday morning as he stood on public property in front of the abortion mill with a large image of Christ. According to Rilott, the confrontation began when the abortuary's security officer ordered Rilott to move.

"I have stood here for over ten years, so I kept praying," said Rilott.

Rilott says the security officer then came out and spoke with a police officer, who approached Rilott to tell him to hold the Christ sign that was propped up about two feet away. When Rilott declined, he says the police officer ordered him to turn off his video camera before calling a supervisor. The supervisor arrived within minutes to confiscate the Christ image, saying the sign was "unattended."

Rilott notes that one week earlier, when asked by pro-lifers to enforce removal of an obscene image of Christ in the abortion center's window under Rockford's ordinance against "offensive use of property," the same supervisor denied that the image was offensive.

"All of the violations, threats, vandalism, intimidation, and attacks of the abortion facility in the past few years and we are not aware of one time the abortion facility has been held accountable," said Rilott. "But in Rockford a simple picture of Jesus gets arrested and thrown in the back of a squad car."

"In Rockford they arrest a picture of Jesus because it symbolizes truth and life. It's interesting that the picture of Jesus giving a double fisted f*** you sign is still proudly displayed in the clinic window," he added.

"We have gone from the blasphemous to the ridiculous," said pro-lifer Donna Modica. "It seems the only signs and pictures protected by free speech are the ones mocking God."

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Not cool: Pennsylvania School Targets Student With "Abortion is Not Health Care" T-Shirt
by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor

Scranton, PA (LifeNews.com) -- Officials at a Pennsylvania school targeted a middle school student who came to class wearing a pro-life t-shirt with the message, "Abortion is Not Health Care." Officials at Crossroads Middle School in Lewisberry ordered the student to remove the shirt on the day of President Obama’s public address to students.

School officials deemed the shirt “inappropriate,” saying it might insult somebody -- even though the school routinely allows students to wear other shirts with other potentially offensive messages.

Alliance Defense Fund attorneys filed a lawsuit in federal court last week against the West Shore School District for prohibiting the student from wearing the shirt.

"Pro-life students shouldn't be censored for their views,” ADF Senior Legal Counsel David Cortman told LifeNews.com on Monday.

“It’s clearly unconstitutional for school officials to prohibit a student’s message on the grounds that someone might not like it. The school routinely allows students to wear a wide variety of messages on their shirts without any concerns, but this student has been singled out even though his shirt caused no disruption and is clearly within the bounds of constitutionally guaranteed free speech," he said.

The student wore his shirt to express his religious viewpoint on abortion and did so without incident until his fifth period teacher sent him to the principal’s office to see whether the shirt was “appropriate.”

There he was ordered to remove his shirt on the grounds that it might insult somebody. He was sent to the nurse’s office, where he turned his shirt inside out because he had no other shirt to wear.

Read the rest of the story at Lifenews.com
Alison Morales at the Liberty Institute luncheon
The CPLC's GEMS Director, Alison Morales, spoke at the Liberty Institute (Formerly the Free Market Foundation) luncheon about her testimony and the importance of the Choose Life License Plate.

Alison Morales, GEMS Coordinator for the CPLC

Alison was a visible, public face in the effort to pass the Choose Life legislation in the last Legislative Session. Although the bill had the support of most of the Legislature and would have passed had a vote actually been taken, the Legislature, as usual, got bogged down in petty politics which prevented many votes on many things, the Choose Life bill being one of them.

Alison and her mother, Nancy at the luncheon

Alison spoke at the Texas Rally for Life in January and also spoke at a press conference hosted by Governor Rick Perry promoting the Choose Life license plate.

More than 550 people attended the Liberty Institute Luncheon

Watch the press conference and hear Alison's testimony here.

Video: New York encounters hecklers at 40 Days prayer site
The 40 Days for Life campaign has seen a lot of good outcomes here in Dallas and across the country, where mothers are deciding to turn around instead of getting abortions, saving the life of their child; and clinic workers are realizing they’re in the wrong profession and quitting their abortion procedure jobs.

But where there are miracles, there is also confrontation. The Sisters of Life and their prayer partners get heckled in this video from New York.

“40 Days has got to go, hey, hey, ho, ho.” It’s a catchy slogan. Too bad it’s being used to attack some really scary looking sisters (note the sarcasm) and lay people trying to bring some light to that neighborhood. I wonder what they would chant if they knew the real damage that an abortion clinic does to a community. “Hey, hey, ho ho, don’t want abortion out here no more. Hey, hey, ho, ho…”

Side Note: Dallas-native Rebecca Lowery is the girl with the glasses not wearing a habit. She was trained by our own Youth For Life program. Way to represent, Rebecca!
Pope Gives Props to Alabama Nun for Work in Communications
Twenty eight years ago, Mother Angelica relied on unflinching truth rather than actual communication experience to start a radio station that became a TV station that became the largest religious media network in the world. That doesn’t happen unless the Holy Spirit is on your side.

If the eye patch doesn’t already give it away, this woman is tough. The first time you hear her speak, her honesty, vulnerability and complete willingness to bring you the truth as it is, no holds bars, is what set her apart from the beginning of her ministry. She has made amazing contributions to the pro-life movement. And she’s funny, too.

I give credit to my post-college Catholic education to EWTN radio, which I listen to on 910 AM KATH radio here in Dallas.

Here's the article from LifeSiteNews.com:

Pope Awards Highest Honor to EWTN Founder Mother Angelica and Chairman
EWTN has consistently given high priority to uncompromising support for Catholic moral principles and the pro-life movement.

IRONDALE, AL, October 5, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Pope Benedict XVI has awarded EWTN foundress, Mother Mary Angelica, and Deacon Bill Steltemeier, Chairman of EWTN's Board of Governors, the Cross of Honor for distinguished service to the Church. The medal, officially known as "Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice" (literally "For the Church and the Pope"), is the highest honor that the Pope can bestow upon laity and religious.

The acknowledgement of Mother Angelica's work by the Pope is highly significant in light of high profile criticism that the EWTN foundress has sustained over her unwavering fidelity to the faith. Mother Angelica had to endure crushing criticism and even attempts to take over her station by various left-leaning Catholic bishops in the United States.

As Catholic League President Bill Donohue wrote in a 2005 review of Raymond Arroyo’s nationally best-selling book on Mother Angelica, some bishops actively fought EWTN at its inception. “Indeed, the bishops tried to outdo her by launching their own effort, the Catholic Telecommunications Network of America (CTNA). It was clear from the beginning that Mother Angelica was seen as a threat: EWTN had a traditional orientation and CTNA took a modernist stance. EWTN won. CTNA collapsed.”

Donohue added: “Mother Angelica did not take kindly to those clerics who questioned her authority to showcase some bishops, but not others. ‘I happen to own the network,’ she instructed. When told that this would not be forever, she let loose: ‘I'll blow the damn thing up before you get your hands on it.’”

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14 Year Old British Girl Dies after HPV Vaccination
By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

COVENTRY, UK, September 29, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Natalie Morton, a 14-year-old girl who attended the Blue Coat Church of England School in Coventry, died today, hours after being given Cervarix - the controversial cervical cancer vaccine manufactured for the UK market by Glaxo SmithKline.

Natalie was injected with the vaccine as part of the UK National Health Service's (NHS) immunization program directed at teenage girls with the purpose of protecting them against strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV), which is a sexually transmitted disease.

The NHS started the HPV vaccination program in April last year and has recorded 2,137 reports of adverse effects following the injection.

The National Vaccine Information Centre (NVC), a private vaccine-safety group based in the US, reported that from 2006 as many as 11,900 girls and young women had reported adverse events after receiving the Gardasil vaccine, which is manufactured by Merck Pharmaceutical for use in the US and Canada.

These adverse events included such mild reactions as pain, fever, nausea, dizziness and itching, to serious effects such as Bells Palsy, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and seizures. The number of deaths associated with the Gardasil vaccine by the NVC is between 32 and 45 in the US alone.

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