Video: New York encounters hecklers at 40 Days prayer site
The 40 Days for Life campaign has seen a lot of good outcomes here in Dallas and across the country, where mothers are deciding to turn around instead of getting abortions, saving the life of their child; and clinic workers are realizing they’re in the wrong profession and quitting their abortion procedure jobs.

But where there are miracles, there is also confrontation. The Sisters of Life and their prayer partners get heckled in this video from New York.

“40 Days has got to go, hey, hey, ho, ho.” It’s a catchy slogan. Too bad it’s being used to attack some really scary looking sisters (note the sarcasm) and lay people trying to bring some light to that neighborhood. I wonder what they would chant if they knew the real damage that an abortion clinic does to a community. “Hey, hey, ho ho, don’t want abortion out here no more. Hey, hey, ho, ho…”

Side Note: Dallas-native Rebecca Lowery is the girl with the glasses not wearing a habit. She was trained by our own Youth For Life program. Way to represent, Rebecca!

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