A Sidewalk Counselor's Prayer: 'The tears really flowed'
Please pray for turnaway at Routh street abortion clinic last week. She appears very poor and has a boyfriend who is not helpful; she also has a 15 mo. old child. The tears really flowed. I was able to get her into the White Rose parking lot and, God be thanked, Geri (White Rose counselor) had just arrived minutes earlier. I took her upstairs and turned her over to Geri who put her through their entire counseling procedure. I was still in the alley when she left a couple hours later.

She stopped her car and when I asked her said she planned to have her baby.

She said she would call me--I hope she does--I would like to have a baby shower for her. :) Please pray that she stays strong in her resolve to have her child and that God will bless her with abundant graces to be a good daughter of God and a good mother.

- A CPLC Sidewalk Counselor



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