The delights of Fatherhood
Posts on this blog have been few and far between because your blogmaster, Andrew, has been engaged in the newfound delights of fatherhood.

Cecilia Jane was born on June 5th, 2007 and was 8.9lbs. Click here for the family blog and more pictures and commentary.

One of Cecilia's first pro-life acts was to donate her cord blood to the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center which is a facility that enables hospitals to utilize the rich source of stem cells that the cord blood contains. These stem cells (which are not embryonic and therefore OK to use) are being used to heal patients of many different illnesses.

In other words, it is the ultimate recycling project.

Here is a good article from Medical News Today about the donation of cord blood.

Now that Andrew is back to work, blogging should resume and we will even be posting more regularly.


Blogger jasper said...
congrat andrew on fatherhood, your baby is beautiful

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