Embryo tactics
Here is a great article from Fr. Tad about the fallacy of arguments being used to support experimentation on embryonic stem-cells.

Fr. Tad notes that he frequently engages in debates with researchers and public policy advocates on this issue and last summer, we were blessed to see him in action on the campus of Southern Methodist University.

Fr. Tads opponent in the debate was lady who raises funds, whose name I forget, for the Stem Cell Research Foundation in Clarksburg, MD.

Only a few minutes into the debate, I realized that the poor woman was way out of her league and was going to take a whipping like never before. Fr. Tad is a scientist with incredible expertise in the field and the woman from the Stem Cell Research Foundation, well, her specialty seemed to be finding the shortest skirt possible and wearing it in meetings with potential donors.

Her only defense in supporting the use of embryonic stem-cells was the fact that Harvard and other schools were using it, so shouldn't everyone? Fr. Tad consistently demonstrated brilliance in explaining why using embryos for experimentation was wrong and should not be done.

I began to really feel sorry for the lady towards the end when the debate was opened up to questions from the audience and she began to ask Fr. Tad questions. He received applause after a number of his answers and after it was all over, Fr. Tad was swarmed with people asking him questions. I was among the crowd gathering to listen and at one point looked over to where Ms. SCRF was packing up her computer and notes and not one person was talking to her.

The bottom line is, if you ever get the chance to hear Fr. Tad debate anyone, clear your calendar and go. I promise you, it will be one of the most enlightening experiences of your life.

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