Are we "anti-abortion" or pro-life?
A headline from the Wichita Eagle in Kansas reads as follows:

"National anti-abortion convention starts today in KC"

The headline refers to the annual conference of the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC). Since I thought the headline might not be totally accurate, I wandered over to NRLC's web site to see how the conference was billed.

The actual title of the conference is, "35th Annual National Right to Life Convention" and it's really interesting how I could not find the words "anti-abortion" anywhere in the promotion of their conference.

I wonder where the Eagle got their headline from and why they labeled the conference incorrectly? A lady on the Wichita Eagle blog even commented on the strange mis-wording of the conference.


Blogger jasper said...
msm-> most reporters are liberal democrats who have an agenga...especially this paper..disgraceful

Blogger MariaF said...
I found out in college that the AP style book that journalists follow actually indicates that "anti-abortion"" should be used rather than "pro-life." I called up the AP style people to ask why and was told that they use this wording because to say we are pro life would mean that those opposed to us are anti-life (which they are!) and that would be unfair..

Blogger Andrew Smith said...
MariaF, yes I know that most media follows this stylebook that the AP produces.

The problem is that the term "anti-abortion" simply does not represent who we are or what we do and is therefore inaccurate.

Journalism should get at what is true rather than what kind of impression something might or might not leave, which is an opinion.

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