40 Days Interview with Karen Garnett
David Bereit is the National Campaign Director for the 40 Days for Life. Following is his June 23rd, 2008 weekly e-mail alert about the closing of Aaron's abortion mill in Dallas, TX.

Dear Andrew,

Whenever you get an e-mail with 20 exclamation marks in the subject line, you know it's one of two things...

1.) A spam message

-- OR --

2.) Something REALLY exciting

After getting off an airplane Friday coming home from a talk in Indiana, I jumped in my car and fired up my laptop to quickly check e-mail, and there it was:

"Prayers Answered!!!!!!!!!!! Aaron's Abortion
IS CLOSING!!!!!!!!!"

I opened the message to verify what I suspected, and sure enough, the notorious late-term abortion facility in Dallas, Texas -- site of the second 40 Days for Life campaign in history -- was shutting its doors for good!

Grabbing my cell phone, I dialed my friend Karen Garnett, Executive Director of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas (the group that led the 40 Days for Life outside that Aaron's Abortion center three and a half years ago.)

Karen answered and confirmed the amazing news. Her voice was almost quivering with excitement.

She only had a minute, as she was about to go on the air for a live interview with a Dallas radio station, so we agreed to talk later.

On Saturday evening I was able to get her on the phone for about twenty minutes and she agreed to let me record our discussion so I could share it with you...

...And you won't believe what she shared!

Listen right now at:


With less than a month before registrations begin for this fall's 40 Days for Life campaign, God has given us another beautiful gift to show what can happen in a community when dedicated people pray, fast, and put their faith into action.

Would you like to see this kind of impact in your hometown?

It can happen.

Ask the people of Dallas, Texas, who are now gearing up to do 40 Days for Life campaigns at TWO locations this fall.

Ask the people of Rockland County, New York -- site of the other abortion center that shut down less than two months ago, following a local 40 Days for Life campaign.

Andrew, if you want to see abortion end in your city, you owe it to yourself to listen to Karen share how 40 Days for Life -- and the ongoing faithfulness of many people over many years -- led to the closure of a late-term abortion facility.

Her words will give you great hope!

You can listen immediately by streaming web audio (optimized to work even for dial-up connections) or you can download the MP3 file to listen on your iPod or computer:


Maybe YOU'LL be the next one sending out an e-mail sharing the exciting news from your city:

"Prayers Answered!!!!!!!!!!! The
Abortion Center IS CLOSING!!!!!!!!!"

Yours for LIFE,

David Bereit
National Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

P.S.- This case study begins the pre-registration training to help you and others decide if 40 Days for Life is right for your community this fall. We certainly weren't planning to begin this way, but realize there's no better way to start than with a view of the possible end result! Listen now at:

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