Hey pro-life protesters! Did you know the TEA is getting paid for you?
It’s called “Pledge-A-Protester” from the Texas Equal Access (TEA) Fund. It works by anti-life donors committing to donate a specific amount of money for each protester (you, me and 5,000 of our closest friends) who shows up to tomorrow’s Dallas March for Life. I’m guessing they’re not counting everyone at the Roe Memorial Rosary, Mass and Rally, unless they’re sneaking people into Guadalupe Cathedral for a head count.

They actually have a great photo of one of our 2009 events praying in front of Fairmount abortion center, which closed its doors this fall to do more killings over at the new Southwestern late-term abortuary in north Dallas.

There’s also an eerily happy photo of the “clinic support” from Fairmount. They “help” the women who come for abortions by blocking them from any of our “mean tactics” (i.e. getting access to abortion education literature or speaking to a sidewalk counselor about options other than killing their own child.) The caption reads “TEA Fund thanks you for supporting reproductive justice.”

That’s so sad on so many levels. According to their website, the TEA is “dedicated to helping women with a demonstrated need to pay for their abortions,” as if throwing money at a women in crisis is going to help her on any lasting level.

The TEA doesn’t care about the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual after effects of the woman in crisis. They only want to throw a band-aid of money on the woman’s “problem” of a pregnancy. They don’t care or offer help for the woman before she gets to this desperate point. And they certainly aren’t with the woman after she leaves the doors and sidewalks of those abortion centers.

There might be some sincere people at this organization who truly care for the “many women in North Texas who would choose abortion,” but if they exist, they need to seriously take a look at the execution of their intentions.

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