Update: Channel 8 interviews CPLC staff, exposes horrors of new N. Dallas late-term abortion facility
WFAA Channel 8 saw our e-alert about the new late-term abortion facility and interviewed CPLC Executive Director Karen Garnett and CPLC sidewalk counselor Jackie Lee for this story that aired Tuesday night. Dr. Curtis Boyd admits he’s performed 300,000 abortions since opening the first abortion center in Texas in 1973.

Clinic expands, provides only late-term abortions in N. Texas

Click the image to watch footage. Read the article here.

Channel 8 surprisingly ran another story on Wednesday night about the opening. Even the newscasters were shocked when Boyd admitted “Am I killing? Yes, I am.”

Abortion doctor: 'Am I killing? Yes, I am'

Click the image to watch footage. Read the article here.

Words from our Executive Director Karen Garnett:

Since the original story ran, we were able to confirm that one more mother turned away from the facility yesterday. We praise God that THREE babies and mothers were spared the tragedy of abortion yesterday!

Note that in the live news story, Jason said that two pregnancies (we had said "babies' lives") had been "saved" yesterday. Thank you, Jason -- we are definitely trying to save as many babies from death and help as many mothers as possible! The online version of the story was edited on wfaa.com to "preventing two abortions." CPLC sidewalk counselors seek to dialogue with women approaching for abortions, but do not take any actions to "prevent" (block, keep) them from entering an abortion facility.

Please consider sending an e-mail to Jason Whitely at jwhitely@wfaa.com to thank him for reporting the story, including the staggering number of children killed in Curtis Boyd's practice, and for mentioning the 4:30 p.m. Memorial Prayer Service at Fairmount this Saturday.

It is our sincere prayer that consciences will be awakened as the truth is revealed, and more people than ever before will pray and work harder than ever before to bring an end to this grievous crime against humanity, the daily mass killing of unborn children in the American abortion holocaust.


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