The Strange Meaning of a Meaningless Word
Jeff Turner is a Dallas lawyer and a fellow in constitutional law at the College of St. Thomas More in Fort Worth.

Sometimes the irony pierces so straight and true that one feels no pain, just wonder and astonishment that there is still breath. Planned Parenthood of North Texas (PPNT) announced (www.ppnt.org) that James T. Roderick, its very own president/CEO, will receive the organization’s “prestigious” 2007 Gertrude Shelburne Humanitarian of the Year Award.

PPNT does not define “humanitarian” for us, but, like the great English writer, Gilbert K. Chesterton, I will “use the word in the ordinary sense, as meaning one who upholds the claims of all creatures against those of humanity.” I might add, against those of common sense.

PPNT is a regional subsidiary of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), founded in 1921 by Margaret Sanger. The first ironic arrow to hit is this: After happily preaching her birth control gospel to such enlightened and open-minded folks as the women’s auxiliaries of the Ku Klux Klan, she climbed to the mountaintop to consult the humanitarian gods. There, hemorrhaging with unbelief (she was an atheist), she touched the swastika of Ernst Rudin, and his power went out to her. She went away to enthusiastically publish in her Birth Control Review his “Eugenic Sterilization: An Urgent Need.” Herr Rudin founded the Nazi Society of Racial Hygiene and was a close friend of the One whom Sanger must have believed was the Zeus of humanitarianism, der Furhrer himself. PPFA and PPNT have never refuted or disavowed this history of their organization and now PPNT has the impudence to give a “humanitarian” award to its own furhrer of 25 years.

The next ironic arrow to hit: PPFA and PPNT both claim to be wholesome, law-abiding citizens, ever vigilant of women’s rights. But has either the parent or its North Texas subsidiary condemned or disciplined Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region for violating that state’s laws designed to protect young women? 16-year-old Denise Fairbanks told clinic staffers that the man who had brought her there for an abortion was the same man who impregnated her. The sickening irony was that that man was her father. She also told staffers that he had been forcing himself on her (i.e. denying her freedom of choice) for five years. Staffers, upholding the finest tradition of Planned Parenthood’s compassionate care, duly proceeded with the “procedure” and, without bothering to notify the police, released her into her father’s/perpetrator’s hands with a hope-to-see-you-soon supply of The Pill.

See http://www.ccn-usa.net/news.php?id=462.

Link to http://www.lifesite.net/ldn/2007/may/07051504.html for similar Planned Parenthood cover-up in Los Angeles.

Another arrow of irony is PPFA’s and PPNT’s status as nonprofit, charitable organizations. Nonprofits by definition aren’t supposed to earn a profit from a business enterprise; to do so would violate the tax laws. Cleverly, PPFA instead reports “excess of revenues over expenses.” For fiscal year 2005-2006, that “excess” was $55.8 million. Total assets at the end of the year came to $839.8 million. Of the $902.8 million in revenues, corporate welfare accounted for 34%, or $305.3 million in taxpayers’ money.

What’s PPFA’s and PPNT’s business anyway? Are you ready? Their business is to kill tiny, defenseless humans (some 264,943 in its latest fiscal year) and promote sexual impurity among our sons and daughter and nieces and nephews.

See http://www.lifesite.net/ldn/2007/jun/07060811.html

Congratulations, Mr. Roderick. If you’re a humanitarian, Blessed Mother Teresa must have been the devil’s daughter.



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