MORE UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Ky abortion counselor’s medical misinformation, disregard of child sex abuse law part of long-term abortion industry deception
Here’s another Live Action video of the same Louisville, Kentucky facility and employee giving wrong information to the 14-year-old girl (undercover student Lila Rose) in her office about when formation of her child begins.

Before working for the CPLC, I didn’t know anything about when a baby is scientifically forming. And that was fine because nothing in my previous job would have been affected by me knowing or not knowing when a baby is formed in the womb.

But this woman is supposedly a trained professional in her field. She’s giving information that people are going to use to make life and death decisions with, literally. What kind of training are these people getting? This is something she should have known or researched.

I want to give this woman the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say she’s a caring compassionate individual who really thinks she’s doing the right thing by helping these ladies kill their unborn babies, hide it from their parents and give them lots of birth control pills so that they will be physically liberated to have a happy life of premarital sex and future abortions.

That might sound good in la-la bizarro land, and that female employee might feel good at the end of her day that she helped a poor little girl out of a "terrible" situation, but that woman doesn’t have to live the consequences of that day’s decisions. That employee doesn’t have to carry the burden of loss, regret, depression, guilt and shame that the adult woman that was that vulnerable 14-year-old child will someday have to come to terms with.

Lila might not have been really pregnant, but those possibly hundreds of young girls the employee admitted to seeing in her office every day really do have a life growing inside of them.

It’s not just this one isolated female employee in Kentucky. This is what happens when an industry (yes, it is an industry) is not regulated like other sensitive industries are run. They can break pesky state laws because they have friends in high places with deep wallets that will come to their legal defense. This is a business to them, a very profitable business with political agendas and a long, dark history.

Thank you Lila and her crew for doing what they do! You can help show people what’s really going on by spreading this video everywhere you are, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, MySpace and your e-mail!
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I think all abortion clinics should have camera's as far as the reception desks go like this one. It's crazy how this 14 year old was mislead. I saw some anti abortion mottos that may help in a situation like this, i'll share them here for you: Anti Abortion Pro Life Slogans

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