San Francisco March for Life activists take courage in liberal district
San Francisco claims some of the most liberal politics and politicians in the country and is the site of some of the most heinous irreverent acts against Christians in general and the Catholic Church, specifically.

Yet on January 23, here were tens of thousands of people marching in the rain, marching through fire, willing to stand up and say “I support life.”

That’s courage.

San Francisco's March for Life coincides with Marches for Life all over the country this month, including Dallas (Jan. 16); Austin (Jan. 23); Hawaii (Jan. 22); Tulsa, Oklahoma (Jan. 22); and Washington, D.C. (Jan. 22).

The organizers did a great job with the San Francisco March for Life website. Their coverage is truly inspiring.

Check out Live Action's flickr photos from the event, too.


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