The Evolution of Fr. John Jenkins on the subject of life
We watched as Fr. John Jenkins, president of Notre Dame, vigorously defended his decision to allow pro-abortion President Barack Obama to speak at the commencement ceremony in May. In the months between the announcement and the actual day, many of us prayed that by some miracle, Fr. Jenkins would reconsider at the last moment and choose life and faith over popularity and mainstream prestige.

It didn’t happen.

Four months later, those who had the courage to stand and pray in peaceful protest at Notre Dame are still being persecuted today.

The story has been playing out in the headlines:

88 Pro-Lifers Arrested at Notre Dame Still Facing Jail Time: Thomas More Lawyer Again Asks Fr. Jenkins for Leniency
Friday September 4, 2009

Jenkins’ Response:
Notre Dame President Says Protesters’ Fate Out of His Hands
Posted 9/18/09 at 7:02 AM

(Jenkins, left, with Obama at Notre Dame)
And then things got kind of weird:
Notre Dame President to Join March for Life, Form Pro-Life Task Force on Abortion
September 17, 2009

Now, at least one Catholic leader has called Jenkins out for trying to straddle the pro-life fence:
Pro-Life Catholics Express Skepticism About Notre Dame President's Overtures
September 18, 2009

“The Cardinal Newman Society president Patrick J. Reilly issued the following statement today in response to an
announcement of new pro-life initiatives at the University of Notre Dame…

These are welcome steps in the right direction—the sort of activities
that Catholics should expect from any Catholic college or university—but there are serious steps that Notre Dame should take immediately to atone for
its shocking betrayal of the U.S. bishops and the Catholic Church last

I'm sure there will be more to come.

Right now, the about face looks like Jenkins trying to save face more than a real concern for protecting the dignity of life. Apparently, the prestige of the fighting Irish is a more important cause than the fight to uphold Church teaching and those trying to protect it.

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