Part 2 of 5-part video series "I Chose Life"
I Chose Life: Part II—Maria’s Story

Caught in an abusive relationship, Maria is brought to her knees after a tragic accident leaves her and her four children with no support. At that point, Maria finds out she’s pregnant with her fifth child. With no where else to turn, she makes a phone call that changes her life.

GEMS (Gabriel Education Ministry and Support) is a part of the Project Gabriel ministry. The Catholic Pro-Life Committee has nine ministries that strive to protect the lives of the unborn and care for their family members. “I Chose Life” is a 5-part video series capturing the stories of five young women who had the courage to come out of difficult situations to bring their children into the world. Their “yes” could have easily been “no.” Find out why they chose life.

Arkansas was home for Amanda. After leaving her violent boyfriend, Amanda is told by a battered women’s shelter that they will give her a bus ticket to any where in the country that will take her and her unborn baby in. She ended up in Texas with GEMS. This is her story.

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