Video: Fr. Corapi speaks out against Obama at Notre Dame
Fr. Corapi, a powerful speaker known for his radical conversion, posted this video to Youtube yesterday.

In addition to thanking those who signed the petition against Obama coming to Notre Dame, Fr. Corapi thanks the almost 70 Bishops who have already taken a stand, commending them for their leadership and giving Catholics hope. Here's some of what he said.

“No president in history has been so damaging for the cause for respect for life as this one [President Barack Obama], and it’s only just begun…This man, the University of Notre Dame invites in to receive an honorary doctorate degree and deliver the commencement address?

Whether intended or not, this sends a terrible message to the Catholic world and to the world at large. A picture is worth a thousand words. Which thousand words will be articulated to an already morally relativistic culture by the picture of Mr. Obama receiving such honors from a Catholic university? Metaphorically and morally, it’s like shooting yourself in the foot.

So, Notre Dame limps on.

Many of you did what you could to prevent this travesty from actually happening. I want to sincerely thank the more than 350,000 that signed the petition of protest making a singular public statement against Notre Dame’s obvious lack of good judgment that not only dilutes the university’s Catholic credibility and identity but undermines the authentically Catholic identity and credibility of the Church in this county. ..

If indeed we choose prestige over principle and popularity over morality, then we become part of the problem not part of the solution…

Pray for the university of Notre Dame, pray for our Bishops for in the end, the burden will rest on their shoulders to decide if Catholic universities like Notre Dame are Catholic or not.

Fight the good fight… Truth will triumph over lies.”

Amen Father. Preach on.


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