Notre Dame – The Aftermath: The ‘Alternative’ to dissention
Here’s what you missed this weekend in case you couldn’t go to South Bend, Indiana for the peaceful protests against President Barack Obama speaking at Notre Dame University.

Notre Dame University seniors who decided not to attend their commencement ceremony in protest of the university's decision to grant President Barack Obama an honorary law degree instead held a meditation in the university's grotto to coincide with the official commencement.

ND Response, the student-led coalition who planed the meditation, said Notre Dame should not be honoring a political figure who supports abortion and stem cell research. Watch the video.

The meditation was led by Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, as part of a two-day rally officially sanctioned by the university.

Read Fr. Frank Pavone’s “My Day at Notre Dame”

Fort Wayne-South Bend bishop Rev. John D'Arcy, led a candlelight prayer vigil for graduating seniors and their families to pray for an end to abortion and embryo research.

And at least one Catholic priest was arrested.


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