New video: Heart attack victim healed by Adult stem cells

The Texas Alliance for Life has been doing yoeman's work raising awareness about the cures that adult stem cells have been effecting and the need for more research in Texas. Bills have been introduced in the Texas Legislature that would create an adult stem cell research consortium, making Texas the leader in the nation on this issue.

Below is the second in a series of videos that highlight the miraculous work that these stem cells have done, in this case a Austin business owner and his complete recovery from a heart attack.

More information is available here.

"Many people are not aware that there are two types of stem cells -- adult and embryonic.

Research and treatments using adult stem cells do not harm the donors. Furthermore, adult stem cells have already been used to successfully treat and often cure more than 70 diseases, including heart disease, cancer, sickle cell anemia, diabetes, and many more.

We oppose research using embryonic stem cells because these can only be obtained by destroying human embryos -- innocent human beings at the very earliest stages of life. Some supporters of embryonic stem cell research also advocate for the creation of human embryos for research through cloning. Embryonic stem cell research has demonstrated no cures whatsoever after years of expensive research, draining sparse funding dollars away from the far more promising adult stem cell research.

We urge the Texas Legislature to PUT PATIENTS FIRST by funding adult, not embryonic, stem cell research.

SB 73/HB 2379 will create a Texas Adult Stem Cell Research Consortium that will put patients first by attracting top researchers to the state and helping to commercialize successful adult stem cell treatments. Adult stem cells have already successfully treated more than 70 diseases."



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