40 Days for Life: 433 lives saved and counting
One of my first experiences with the pro-life movement was holding a pro-life sign on a sidewalk near HWY 635 and Macarthur Blvd. with about 15 other people as part of the Dallas 40 Days for Life “Life Chain.” Standing there on a Sunday afternoon in 2007, I felt so strong in unity with the people doing the same thing as me in small towns and big cities all over the country in solidarity for life.

A couple of people shouted rude comments at us as they drove by, but for the most part, people honked approvingly, gave thumbs up and some even stopped to ask what we were doing and how they could be involved.

I was just holding a sign for an hour, but for the first time in a while, I felt like I was actually doing something instead of just wishing I could do something.

It was my favorite ministry work that I did that year. I couldn’t wait to do it again in 2008. So, I did. And this time, there were about 30 of us, and we took up both sides of the street. And more people shouted rudely, and more people gave thumbs up and asked how they could get involved. The positive reaction was something only the Holy Spirit could inspire.

40 Days for Life started here in Texas at Texas A&M in 2004 and had its first national campaign in 2007. David Bereit, 40 Days for Life National Director, put this video out after their spring 2009 campaign ended recently. It takes a couple of seconds to start up, but stay with it. It's a great reminder of how a lot of change can come from just a little bit of effort from all of us.

Visit the 40 Days for Life website to see how you can get involved.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I do not endorse abortion. But I wonder, how many of the people who protest give a portion of their salary to help raise the children? Where I go to church it is popular to have baby showers for unwed mothers but then who is helping to raise these poor children???? Nothing seems to be addressed to that - at least at my church.
more energy needs to be addressed at prevention.

Blogger Marisa Alvarado said...
You're right about the fact that more energy needs to be addressed at prevention. Sometimes it seems that there are so many aspects of protecting life that need attention, but not enough money, motivation or hands to help to make sweeping differences.

Here at the CPLC, we really try to focus on what we can do locally to help. Trying to stop pre-marital sex as a preventative measure is ideal, but unrealistic. What we do is educate young women who are willing to make a change in their lives for them and their babies and give them other monetary and spiritual support.

Check out our latest YouTube videos of some of the mothers we've helped.


We can't help everyone, but we can help one person. And that's what we're all called to do -- love and help one person at a time.

Thanks for your comment. I hope things pick up in this area at your parish. God gives us strength, my friend. Have hope in that.


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