Hey Oprah -- “The stem cell debate is over.”
Dr. Oz tells Michael J. Fox, Oprah and an audience of millions that embryonic stem cells don’t work when it comes to curing diseases.

Pope Benedict XVI officially endorsed adult stem-cell research in September 2006. (read more)

The Catholic Church is against embryonic stem cell research because of the live-destroying way the stem cells are gathered. Based on science, embryonic stem cell tests have shown to not only not cure diseases, but subjects have grown cancerous tumors from the experiments.

Just a few of the hundreds of non-embryonic stem cell medical breakthroughs:

Cord Blood Can Be Used To Treat Adult Leukemia

Cord Blood Stem Cells May Help Repair Babies' Heart Defects

Stem Cell Hope for Bone Fractures

Can child's umbilical-cord blood be used to treat his own cerebral palsy?

Researchers find ‘exciting’ umbilical stem cell breakthrough
Anonymous Anonymous said...
As a teacher of contemporary moral issues in a private girls Catholic High School we spend alot of time disussing life issues and the sacredness of human life. I think this website is a helpful way of communicating this 21st C. issue to the youth. To hear Dr. Oz summarize the stem cell debate in favor of the technology that has proven that adult stem cells can cure disease and will continue to in the near future is very powerful. I have taught this advance technology but to hear it in this way is advantageous.

Blogger Marisa Alvarado said...
Hi Cynthia,
Thanks for commenting. We're really glad this could help you and your students. It's always good to hear about good teachers teaching correct, ethical things in our Catholic schools. We'll keep trying to get the word out on our end while you continue on yours.

Keep up the good work! May God bless you and your students and all our Catholic institutions.

In Christ,

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