Gianna Jessen: Abortion was my beginning...
There are many ways we are touched by abortion. Maybe we know a friend or relative who has made the painful mistake of killing their child or we’ve seen the young girls climb the steps of the abortion clinics on a Saturday morning. Gianna Jessen has been uniquely touched. A botched abortion brought her into the world. And by a chance occurrence (that was not so chance), she was taken to a hospital instead of left to die in the room where she was accidently born.

Baby Gianna was diagnosed with cerebral palsy due to the lack of oxygen to her fragile system from when the abortionist was trying to kill her in her mother’s womb. Her mother placed her for adoption. Her father was no where to be seen.

Gianna has more reason than most people to hate the world and to hate life, but she doesn’t. She fights for it with love, humor, wit and charm. She perseveres to the point of pain in the hopes of spreading the message of courage that is the testimony of her life.

She was featured in the BornAliveTruth.org ads that were featured in last year’s presidential election campaign, and she was our speaker at this year’s 16th Annual Bishop’s Catholic Pro-Life Dinner on March 28.

We’ve gotten lots of phone calls and emails asking of people asking where they can see the talk from that night. We wanted you to know we’re working on how we can get this talk to you so that you can share with those who couldn’t make it to the sold-out event, and we’ll keep you posted.

Until then, here are some of my favorite quotes of her from the dinner.

“I pray for the unprecedented willingness to be hated. Because if I can love you while you hate me, then I win.”

“I think I have so much joy because I was schooled in the school of adversity.”

“Beautiful things take time.”

“Just because I limp, doesn’t mean I want to marry an ugly guy. I want him hot and Godly. Just being honest,” Jessen said to a packed room full of laughs and applause.

Google “Gianna Jessen youtube” to see more of Gianna at other events.

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