China feels 1.1 million worth of hurt over selective abortion
China is feeling the affects of killing its female population in the womb.

According to a
study from BMJ, a London-based peer reviewed medical journal, males under the age of 20 exceed females by more than 32 million in China. Also, more than 1.1 million excess births of boys occurred during 2005, the year of the study.

"China’s one-child policy is one of the most controversial social policies ever implemented. The policy reduced the fertility rate and has helped raise living standards for most people in China, but it has been heavily criticised for violating human rights and having many negative social consequences, one of which is an excess number of male births.

China, like other East Asian countries, has a cultural tradition of a preference for sons. In these countries, people think that only sons can continue the family line, and sons—rather than daughters—are responsible for their parents in illness and old age."
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Report: Boy-heavy China faces impending crime spike

"The report paints a grim picture for a modernizing China. ‘If you’ve got highly sexed young men, there is a concern that they will all get together and, with high levels of testosterone, there may be a real risk, that they will go out and commit crimes,’ lecturer Therese Hesketh told the Associated Press."

No, duh. Anyone who has ever been in a room full of boys can see this as a possibility. My cousin, whom I love like a brother, brought his four boys aged 8 months-6 years over on Sunday for Easter and a birthday party. They were only there for an hour, but they came in like a tornado and left only a flurry of confetti and candy wrappers in their wake.

This is what happens when we think we know better than the way God planned us biologically and physiologically. Things get out of whack and out of control.

I don’t know what’s going to happen with China, but the rest of the world - take notice. Here there,
Hong Kong, India and Vietnam, I’m talking to you.

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