Thank God for Small Victories
Here in the Diocese of Dallas, Bishop Kevin Farrell has ordered 350,000 “Stop FOCA” cards to be placed in the pews during Mass later this month as part of a national campaign to tell President-elect Obama that the people of this country do not want the Freedom of Choice Act to pass. This is so far, the largest order of “Stop FOCA” cards of any diocese in the country. We’re so blessed to have the support of our Bishop, but this kind of civic action outreach can’t happen without the support of parish priests as well.

Aurora Tinajero, Spanish Ministry director for the Catholic Pro-Life Committee, sent us an email last week gushing about how much she appreciated the efforts of her parish priest to take the time to mention events like the Roe memorial at every Mass.

“After the parish announcements, Father Manuel, with flyer in hand, gave a wonderful and inspiring appeal to the parishioners about the Roe Memorial on January 17th. The parishioners received a copy of the flyer in the bulletin. One of the things that he told them was that ‘....As a Catholic, if you are not participating in the culture of life, you are participating in the culture of death.’ Also, ‘As Catholics we do not have an option, we have to defend life.’ He quoted Pope John Paul II on the Gospel of Life and told the parishioners the numbers of deaths that have occurred since Roe v. Wade was passed, and how many were happening on a daily basis throughout the U.S. He invited all parishioners to come to the events on January 17th and that he would try to join us at the Rosary at the abortion clinic.

“I am very blessed at my parish to have not only a Pastor but a deacon who is courageous and strongly committed to bring the message of the Gospel of Life to the parishioners. God has truly blessed Immaculate Conception with these two great men.”

Our pastors are usually very busy servants. If you don’t have much pro-life activity at your parish, contact your Parish Coordinator or the Catholic Pro-Life Committee to see how you can get your parish more involved.

Tell us about what your pastor is doing to promote life in your parish by using our “comment” link below!

While we never like to see any families go without, it was encouraging to see Planned Parenthood cut back on “services” (i.e. abortions, killing unborn babies) due to fall out from the Madoff financial scandal.

“Planned Parenthood Cuts Staff After Madoff Scandal Causes Funding Loss”
(Read more…)

We want to know about the small victories happening in your area. Tell us in the "comments" section.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Why don't they make the same effort for the Pregnant Women Support Act, which is a bill that would actually HELP women AND which is a bill that actually has a chance of making it out of committee and becoming law, unlike FOCA?! See the USCCB statement at http://www.usccb.org/sdwp/projects/2008PWSA.pdf

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