Denver Archbishop Chaput interview
Denver Archbishop Chaput was interviewed on Fox News about the situation with Nancy Pelosi. Archbishop Chaput is an eloquesnt speaker on this issue and manages to remain composed and intelligent while articulating the teachings of the Church.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Pro-lifers would do well to pick better spokespeople. You rely on the same people whose personalities have grated on the folks, church-going and non, to such an extent that it discredits anything they say. The dude is against alter-girls for Heaven's sake! Who's gonna listen to a nutjob like that? If you can't moderate your tone you can at least find a spokesperson who doesn't alienate a large segment of the population. If you claim that the opinion of that segment doesn't matter then you've just admitted that Chaput speaks only to the choir. 23.9% of the US may be catholic but only 38% of those actually go to mass. Perhaps it is because people like chaput have the credibility and moral capital of a corrupt dictator.

Blogger Andrew Smith said...
Archbishop Chaput a corrupt dictator? I have to admit I have not heard that one yet.

Thanks for raising the discourse to new, unimaginative levels.

Anonymous Poker Coach said...
As much as necessary.

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