Chris Smith - The lost girls of China is gendercide
Leave it to Congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey to tell it like it is.

Forced Abortion and China’s “Lost Girls” Highlighted in Congressional Olympic Resolution

Washington, Jul 24 - With just two weeks to go to the Olympics, the House Foreign Affairs Committee has unanimously approved legislation calling on the Chinese government to immediately “end abuses of human rights of its citizens” in order to ensure that the Olympic games take place “in an atmosphere that honors the Olympic traditions of freedom and openness.”

Rep. Chris Smith, the lead Republican cosponsor of the bill (HRes 1370), urged his colleagues to support the resolution and added two amendments: one which calls on the Chinese government to abandon its coercive population control policy that includes forced abortion and a second amendment which urges the release of at least 734 political prisoners.

China’s coercive population control program has imposed unspeakable violence, pain and humiliation on hundreds of millions of Chinese women, many of whom suffer lifelong depression as a consequence. Massively violated by the state, it is no wonder more women commit suicide in China than anywhere else in the world,” said Smith who held more than 25 hearings on human rights abuses in China as chairman of House human rights committees.

As a direct result of the government’s one child policy, tens of millions of girls are missing today—dead due to sex selection abortions—creating a huge gender disparity. The lost girls of China is gendercide. With its heavy reliance on forced abortion, involuntary sterilization and ruinous fines for illegal children, the policy, in effect since 1979, constitutes one of the greatest continuous crimes against humanity in human history,” he said.

My amendment seeks to bring some additional focus on the barbaric, cruel and hideous crime of China’s coercive population control program,” Smith said.

Human rights are indivisible,” said Smith, a leading human rights advocate in the Congress for 28 years. “We need to emphasize all human rights violations. This resolution is a comprehensive listing of those violations whether it be against the Uighurs, the Tibetans, those seeking religious freedom or political prisoners. It seems to me that when you have the gravest atrocity—and I believe it is the largest violation of women’s rights in the history of human kind—we need to robustly combat it, and impress upon the Chinese government that they must abandon their coercive population control policy.”

Smith also offered an amendment urging the release of political dissidents many whose only crime is advocating religious freedom and democracy.

"A couple of weeks ago Frank Wolf and I presented a list of 734 political prisoners to the Chinese government. The list has been very carefully vetted by the Congressional- Executive Commission on China. With the Olympics coming up, the Executive Branch, and President Bush, in particular, needs to raise the cases of these individuals so that they can find freedom and be let out of the horrific Lao Gai prison system where many have been tortured and beaten.”

Both Smith amendments were adopted and the bill is expected to be on the House floor next week.


Blogger Adrienne said...
God Bless you and the beautiful work you are doing In the Name of jesus Christ! Life is indeed sacred, and must be defended just as you are doing. Prayers and fasting for the rest.

Many people just need to be educated; it's amazing how many people simply were not taught from young that life begins at conception and must be treated with not just human respect; but completely with love and care.

I pray for our Bishops who are staunchly defending life, and also for those who are not doing much if anything at all. We need holy leaders!

God Bless. - Adrienne

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's obvious that the Chinese don't care about changing their stance on human rights. Then we reward them for it, by (1) having the Olympics there, (2) giving them extra-special status in trade etc. Then they - in turn - treat us by (1) having under-age girls compete, then lying about their age afterward; (2) treating Tibet and Falun Gong just as badly as ever; (3) sweeping everything under the rug during the Olympics; (4) squelching and quenching all attempts to protest the Tibet issue during the Olympics; (5) ignoring all of our feeble comments about human rights, and continuing to treat women just as badly - and Falun Gong, and Christians, and Tibetans, and peaceful protestors, and others. They are ruthless and cold-hearted - Yet we continue to coddle them in our foreign policy. This is completely outrageous. I also believe that they have threatened the Olympic competitors (their own people, I mean) with dire threats of torture, etc. "if you don't win a gold medal and make us look good" etc. Well? I wouldn't be surprised in the least! That's just how they are!

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