The Pope has Landed!
Catholics in America for the next few days will turn our eyes towards Washington D.C. and New York City, the sites of the planned pilgrimage of Pope Benedict XVI.

It just so happens that the Catholic Pro-Life Committee's Executive Director, Karen Garnett, has been invited to be in attendance at the White House tomorrow for the arrival ceremony. She will be among about 13,000 others for this historic event.

She was also given two tickets to the Papal Mass to be held at Nationals Stadium on Wednesday, April 17th at 10:00 am.

Karen has promised to send over some posts for the blog to tell about what she is doing and who she is meeting while in D.C.

Here are some good blogs to watch during the Pope's visit:

http://www.pope2008.com/ - Tim Drake from the National Catholic Register

http://www.benedictinamerica.blogspot.com/ - Coverage from the Pope Benedict XVI fan club.

http://www.americanpapist.com/blog.html - lay Catholic Thomas Peters in Washington D.C.

I just watched the arrival ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base and it seemed to go pretty well. President Bush came out to meet the Pope and they walked into a building to talk. Somewhat uneventful but I am sure there will be sparks flying soon enough.

http://www.ewtn.com/ will be providing full coverage of the entire visit, plus commentary from Catholic leaders in America.



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