Karen's Journey
4:17 pm - Karen did a short interview with David Bereit on the White House grounds.

4:14 pm - Karen has left the White House and checked into her hotel. She talked to me earlier as she was eating lunch in a cafe somewhere and mentioned that many of the pro-life leaders were gathering later on to talk pro-life.

It seems that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for pro-lifers and Catholics to gather in DC to plan the future of the pro-life movement.

Pictures are coming, Karen tells me.

9:22 am - David Bereit is live-cell-phoning the event and mentions that Karen is near Matt Lauer finishing up his taping of the "Today" show on the South Lawn. Listen to David's updates below:


7:55 am - Talked to Karen. She is on the lawn at the White House with her husband.

Their plane out of Dallas last night was cancelled and they had to be rebooked on a later flight. Thank goodness American put their MD-80's back in service.

They got into DC around midnight, went to bed after 1:00 am, got up at 3:45, left David's at 4:30 to be in line at 6:30 to go in at their assigned 8:00 am entry time for the White House ceremony.

They just got in and are dead center on the lawn, looking directly at the platform and podium where the President and the Pope will speak.

http://www.foxnews.com/ is providing a live stream image of the lawn and you can see the podium. Karen is standing directly behind the image that Fox is providing.

Karen said they just saw Matt Lauer from NBC wrap up his morning show.



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