Do You Know? Part 2

As most of us in the active pro-life cause know, Father Frank Pavone of Priests For Life, has given us the Ten Reasons Why We're Winning the Fight to End Abortion!

1. The Survivors...more and more young people are pro-life!
2. Conversions...from pro-abortion to pro-life!
3. Remorse... all those speaking out against abortion from personal experience!
4. Fewer doctors and abortion clinics!
5. Litigation... information on the unborn entered into court records!
6. Science... evidence mounts that abortion harms women (It also now proves life begins
at conception)!
7. Abortion supporters have run out of arguments... they've all been discredited!
8. Voters... our pro-life cause has more of them!
9. Legislation... more pro-life laws being passed!
10.Corruption... abortion is destroying itself!

We've already won because Jesus WON the victory over death!
(See Father Pavone's website: http://www.preistsforlife.org/ )

Even Gloria Feldt, when she was president of Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in the U.S., admitted that abortion kills babies after science had finally confirmed that fact with DNA and new technology sonography. When some of their employees started questioning her about this, she simply told them we know abortion kills babies, so just get over it, cope with it, and get on with your job. Cecille Richards, who is now Planned Parenthood's president, is well past accepting the eventual reversal of Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton and is already in the midst of planning how to protect and grow their abortion busi-ness when regulation of it is turned over to the states.

But, in addition to our daily prayers, to make abortion illegal we need a favorable Supreme Court decision, and as early as 16 years ago, do you know we almost got it?

The 1973 Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion was a 7 to 2 majori-ty. Reversal of Roe, however, only needs five favarable votes to get a majority because, of course, the court has only nine justices. The last Supreme Court vote on whether to reverse Roe v Wade was in the Casey decision in 1992 and it failed by a 5 to 4 majority.

But, Do You Know that in March 2004, when deceased Justice Harry Blackmun's personal notes were released, we found out that Chief Justice Henry Rehnquist, on the night in 1992 before the decision on Casey was to be made, had garnered a five justice majority to over-rule Roe v Wade? However, before the vote the next day, Justice Kennedy was influenced and persuaded by O'Connor and Souter to switch his "Yes" vote to "No." We came close, but no cigar.

Now that O'Connor and Rehnquist are gone and Roberts and Alito, both strict construction-ists, are on the court, we still need Kennedy in order to make a 5 to 4 majority for reversal. Sounds "ify," doesn't it? Well, we have the power to improve the swing of that pendulum.

Ladies and gentlemen, Christians of all denominations have an opportunity this fall to make their vote for a pro-life president mean more and carry more weight than anything they have ever done or will do in a lifetime. The lives of at least another 35 million unborn babies over the next thirty years (if the Lord lets us survive that long) swing in the balance in this year's election because newly appointed justices have no term limits and have no reason to retire (except poor health and old age), having reached the zenith of their careers.

Do You Know that it is almost certain that at least two of the elderly liberal justices, Gins-berg and Stevens, will have to retire in the next presidential term even if they don't want to because of age and health reasons? In addition, it is thought that they want to anyway regardless of who is elected president. Stevens is closing in on 90 years of age and Gins-burg, 73, is dealing with health issues.

Think about it! A pro-choice (pro-abortion) president next year will surely mean the appoint-ment of two more liberal justices to the Supreme Court, nullify all the good work President Bush has done with the hundreds of conservative appointments to all the courts over eight years including the Supreme Court, and condemn two generations of unborn babies to a fate of gruesome abortions. This, in itself, is enough to disregard all other issues in the election campaign. And, of course, we haven't yet mentioned the immorality of such slaughter and the retribution we can expect from our creator because of it.

If you are a black voter, Do You Know that 35% of all abortions are performed on black women or girls, and that since 1973, when the Roe v Wade decision made abortion legal, the black population in the U.S. has dropped from about 20% to only 11%. In other words, this murderous procedure, unequivocally condemned by God for any and all reasons, is literally destroying the black population in this country, which we know was the reason Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood in the first place in 1946: eugenic cleansing of the country's population. She's had her way ever since. Read "Blessed Are The Barren, The Social Policy Of Planned Parenthood" and her autobiography if you doubt what I'm saying.

And, if it wasn't for abortion, this country as a whole would be well above the break even birth rate of 2.1 births from women of child bearing age, which is where it stands now.

Very few voters are aware of these high stakes in this year's election or that 48,000,000+ kids have been aborted. Don't believe me? Ask a few of them and note the "open mouth" reactions. Most don't even know the stark differences between the two party platforms and their presidential candidates on any of the pro-life issues: abortion, euthanasia, embry-onic stem cell research, human cloning, and homesexual "marriage." Catholic Answers, Karl Leating's Internet Letters service, calls these the Five Non-Negotiable Issues for Catholic voters.

Would you believe, hidden from sight and mostly absent from the debate as they are by the media and the candidates, these respect life evils taken together are the #1 issue in this year's election? We'll tell you why and answer the following questions and more in coming Articles:

1) Why are the five pro-life non-negotiable evils considered non-negotiables?
2) Why are they, particularly abortion, the #1 issue in this year's election?
3) What is the Catholic Church's teaching on these evils as it pertains to a Catholic's moral obligation while voting in this year's election?
4) How can the national Catholic vote this year save 35 million babies in the womb and may be the only hope for them?
5) What are the critical seven pieces of knowledge we need to know to meet our moral obligation on November 4th and avoid committing grave sin, five of which are taught by the Church and communicated to us by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops?
6) What can we all do between now and election day to magnify a favorable pro-life out- come, save millions of babies, and truly gain God's blessing on our nation.

And much more! Please phone or email comments or questions to 972-401-0471 or chuck.suter@sbcglobal.net .

Until then, our primary action is more prayer and our secondary action is to talk about pro-life.

Chuck Suter,
St. Monica's Pro-Life Parish Coordinator



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