Abort my child; Raise a tree
One of the more insane articles to make its way to the surface is this one from the London Daily Mail about a woman who aborted her child and sterilized herself to save the environment.

She thinks having children is "selfish" and that "it's all about maintaining your genetic line at the expense of the planet."

In today's Dallas Morning News Kathleen Parker responds to this notion with appropriate humor and sarcasm and notes that "raising children is quantifiably the most persistently unselfish act known to mankind, as millions of veterans of sleepless nights will attest. "

As a new father myself, I have to say that I agree with Ms. Parker and find the reasoning of those who would rather raise a tree than a child scary. It's one thing to be pro-abortion and support the killing of innocent children. It's quite another to think that the human race is only good for wrecking the planet and therefore should not exist.

But this is the natural evolution of the arguments supporting abortion.



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