Bella Premier in Dallas
The Catholic Pro-Life Committee sponsored more than 10 theatres for opening weekend (October 26-28) for Bella and as a result of our efforts, Bella lead actor Eduardo Verastegui came to Dallas to talk to the crowds and participate in the fun.

The Cinemark 17 put on a red carpet event for Eduardo and Bella. Here is the theatre manager rolling out the carpet.

The crowd gathers as Eduardo pulls up to the theatre:

Eduardo on the red carpet:

More fans try to get in to see Eduardo close up

Eduardo gets mobbed:

Once he made it inside, Eduardo and Bella Executive Producer Sean Wolfington spoke to the crowds after each showing. Here they are talking to area college students we had reserved the theatre for. Students from Southern Methodist University, the University of Dallas and UNT were in attendance.

The next day, Bella director Alejandro Monteverde flew in to talk to the Sunday crowds. Here he shares the stage with CPLC Executive Director Karen Garnett:

My favorite Eduardo picture:

Blogger Destiny said...
Bella truly was a breathtaking piece of art. Thank you so much for sponsoring it!

Blogger Destiny said...
Btw, doesn't it just blow your mind that 'Bella' (the amazing, heart warming, family film that restores good to society) is rated PG-13???...a rating that is normally resevered for films with nudity, cursing, & violence...which this film does not have. I hope the rating does not deter anyone from seeing it. It is beautiful.

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