Pro-Lifers and adoption
A past letter to the editor in the Dallas Morning News has a letter from Mary Ann Morrow from Bedford, TX who laments that pro-lifers "who were protesting (at abortion clinics) should be standing there with an attorney prepared to sign papers accepting the financial responsibility of care of mother during the pregnancy, costs of delivery and immediate adoption."

There are many people in the pro-life movement who are very willing to take a child into their home, no questions asked. You can call our office and we will be glad to put you in touch with some of them.

But many women who go to the abortion mills are not necessarily broke as much as they need someone to talk to and help them through their pregnancies.

What would Ms. Morrow say to a woman who comes to the clinic in a nice SUV or Lexus, as they frequently do?

Having said that, even if we were not willing to adopt a child in such a way, does that make the mothers decision to abort her child the correct one? And how are we to know what assistance she needs unless we are there to talk to her before she has the abortion?

The Catholic Church here in Dallas has made a huge effort to raise awareness about the possibility of adoption to young mothers who are contemplating abortion. The Catholic Pro-Life Committee recently hired an adoption counselor to work with the White Rose and other local agencies to raise awareness and to facilitate adoptions when women decide to place their child.

Adoption is a compassionate solution to a tough problem but it is not the only one. Many times we find that women only need support and encouragement to help them through their pregnancies and this consists of a great part of the work of the Project Gabriel Ministry of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee. Trained "Gabriel Angels" support and mentor the women who are in difficult pregnancies and can give them, or find for them, the help that they need.

Are you aware of these efforts, Ms. Morrow?



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