New term for you
A few months ago, the US Supreme Court banned the medical procedure known as partial-birth abortion. Or at least, we thought they did.

You see, according to NARAL, what the Court really did was institute a "Federal Abortion Ban." Where does this authoritative-sounding legal term come from? Why from the web site http://www.federalabortionban.com/ sponsored by Planned Parenthood, NAF, the ACLU and the Center for Reproductive Rights.

We have heard over and over in the past 10 years how Partial-Birth Abortion is not a medical term. Well, behold, it is indeed a medical term and you can see this easily by going here and here . (Hat tip, Jill)

The term that is not medical or legal in nature but in fact is ideological in nature is "Federal Abortion Ban."

They falsely accuse us of making up medical terms, how about them making up legal terms?

Continuing to promote false ideology and the inablility to deal with reality is a great sign you are losing. Please keep it up.



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