A Necessary Work
Earlier this week, the staff of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee had the opportunity to meet with Bishop Farrell and tell him of the work we are doing.

Bishop Farrell is a strong supporter of our work and expressed his hope that he could become more involved and work more closely with us.

There are two things he said in particular that need to be mentioned. The first is that when he talked to us about how important our work was, he told us that this was not something that we did "out of the kindness of our hearts" like other charities. Instead pro-life work is something that is a part of our baptismal call, something that is so fundamental to who we are as Catholics, and as human beings, that it is a necessary work.

After all, the opening lines of the Gospel of Life tells us that "the Gospel of Life is at the heart of Jesus's message."

The second thing the Bishop mentioned is that we will not be popular and that we will most likely not be accepted by our culture when we do pro-life work. This comment was proven true the very next day by Planned Parenthood when they published an ad in the Aurora Beacon about pro-lifers protesting their deceitfulness in building a new abortion mill. The ad clearly paints pro-lifers as violent extremists that regularly blow up abortion clinics and is a classic piece of propoganda. It's only purpose is to smear those who oppose them.

And yet, the truth will not cease to be exposed. As we speak, there are more than 90 cities around America that are planning a 40 day vigil of fasting and prayer for an end to abortion. We will be participating here in Dallas and need all people of good will to come out and pray in front of our local Planned Parenthood, even if it's not the popular thing to do.

It is a necessary thing to do. It is part of your baptismal call.



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