Just the facts, Maam..
Sean Tipton of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine is tired of the same old nonsense when it comes to politics and stem cell research and wants people to quit thinking about what works and instead wants them to support what does not work. Here he blathers to the TimesOnline in UK about how people don't understand that fantasy is reality and vice versa:

"This is based on scientific nonsense about what constitutes a ‘naturally dead’ stem cell. It’s another example of people trying to shape the science to fit their policy goals. I think Americans are tired of decisions based on fantasy. They want decisions based on fact.”

Yes, indeed. So here are the facts:

To date, more than 73 types of ailments or diseases have been cured using adult stem cells. There have been no (as in zero) cures from the use of immoral, unethical embryonic stem-cell experimentation.

If you read the TimeOnline UK article, the first person to comment on the article asked a very good question: Why are we having this dicussion?



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