Did the Pope say something?
Time magazine has a story on Pope Benedict XVI's next encyclical and what it might contain. The proposed theme for the encyclical is on social justice but judging from the extreme reaction from members of the mainstream media and the blogging community, you would think that the Pope had mandated the elimination of capitalism.

It is one thing when uninformed, clueless members of the media get it wrong (note to Time: an encyclical is not a "doctrinal pronouncement") when referring to matters of the Church, after all they're hard-pressed to see the Church through any other lens than abortion, birth control and women priests. It is another thing when conservatives in the blogging community jump the gun just as quickly and condemn a statement that has not been even released, much less its full contents and context known, then things are really getting bad.

Note to mainstream media writers: Leave the analysis of official Church documents to those who actually know what the Church is talking about.

Note to bloggers who foolishly condemn statements not yet released by the Pope: Wait until the Pope actually releases the document before opening your mouth and inserting your foot.



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