We're Catholic and go to a Church in Dallas
This couple went in to see how far along their baby was and maybe to schedule an abortion. The guy came out while his girlfriend was inside the mill. I asked him about his brown scapular and he said he's Catholic and goes to a church in Dallas.

He then told me that if their baby was past 11 weeks old they would keep him/her. But if not, they would abort because he doesn't make enough money to have another child since they just had a baby and she's not even a year old yet. He went back inside and came out with his girlfriend (who was crying) to leave and told me that the baby is actually only 8 weeks old, so they would be having the abortion.

They left and after about 20 minutes pulled up to the curb behind me and asked for more information (I'm guessing they threw away what I gave them at first). I gave it to them while still urging them to consider the White Rose and they said that they were going to keep their baby for sure and that in the 20 minutes they were gone, had decided to name the baby.

By the time they told me that they were both crying and smiling. Then they left.

Submitted by Louise, a CPLC Sidewalk Counselor



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