Encouraging student comments on our Speaker's Bureau
Positive Student Comments

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“(My feelings) changed a lot. Now I know how to take care of myself.”

“My feelings stayed the same because I know that staying chaste is the right thing to do.”

“They’ve made me realize a lot…, and it opened my eyes… Save myself and my body for someone I really love.”

“(My favorite part) was when she took God’s words and helped us connect with them.”

“My choices haven’t changed. They have become stronger because my choice was to stay abstinent.”

“The most important reason (to stay chaste) is that it’s a gift from God. I enjoyed the entire presentation.”

“…save your heart and keep safe for you and your spouse. …Your body is a holy temple…”

Life Issues

“Everything was honestly very important and helpful. I realized that there are people out there fighting for a right to kill, which made me feel very sad. Everything she said was very helpful.”

“I’m now against abortion…”

“…life is important and very valuable, and no one has the right to take it away. I am even more for life and know stronger that… everyone is important. Thank you for coming and helping me understand questions about life.”

“I learned why life is important and why you should not kill. I feel that life is the most important thing because God gives it to us.”

“Life is more valuable than I thought it was.”


“Now I realize how bad abortion is and how people kill so many babies.”

“I have always seen abortion as an evil, but now I see it as an evil that we must do everything in our power to stop.”

“I have realized that everyone has a purpose in life. I believe that abortion is wrong in any circumstance.”

“I always knew abortion was bad but not to the extent that we learned. I feel very bad for all the unborn children.”

“At first I did not care whether or not there was abortion. But ever since I heard of what happens, I am against it.”

“I learned that all forms of life no matter what are important to God and are put on this earth for a reason. Killing- no matter what reason- is wrong. I became more involved in these issues by learning more about them and understanding why they are so wrong.”

“I am now absolutely positive about my opinion that abortion is wrong. Mind-blowing.”

“I became stronger and more pro-life!”

Submitted by
Terri Schauf
Education Coordinator



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