Both of them were Christians
We had a great save (Praise God for some heart changing and many answered prayers) Saturday at Routh St. abortion mill. We had two women drive up in a Lexus. They were sisters. The one sister, Sarah*, dropped off her sister Tammy* and John and I spoke to Sarah as she came back to the car. Both of them were Christians and we spoke with Sarah on scripture and how she is accountable for bringing Tammy to the hell-hole of Routh to aid in the destruction of her niece/nephew.

She told us repeatedly she was against this but her sister was certain. As she drove off, after our lengthy visit with her, John and I were saddened, but we all prayed. I had given Sarah the "Focus on The Family" literature with the stages and pictures of pregnancy to review.

About 5 minutes later, she drove back into the parking lot with this brochure opened across her steering wheel and clearly with a burdened heart (praise). She marched in that center, got her sister on the front porch, and they talked for a long while. Through the sonogram, they found out Tammy was pregnant with 7 week TWINS! They walked to the car and I begged them to go to the White Rose and they did!!!

I walked them in and stayed with them until the end of their consult. The "twin" factor was big in the save and more than that, the faithful prayer support, the spirit's moving in these ladies' hearts.

This mom got to go home to deliver two sets of booties to her 13 yr old daughter and to announce she would have twin baby siblings!! Tammy is sure to need ongoing prayers, however, because she has recently broken up with the father of these babies and now lives with her daughter at her sister's home. She does have a job with benefits and that is a big praise being pregnant with twins.

Submitted by Amy, a CPLC sidewalk counselor

*Names changed to protect privacy



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