5 Questions for NARAL
NARAL is upset that the Republican Presidential candidates who spoke at the National Right to Life Committee Annual Conference support overturning Roe v. Wade but yet at the same time have not said anything about contraception.

To that end, they released 5 questions they would like for these candidates to answer. We would like to take a shot at answering these questions because they point out some flaws in the pro-choice arguments.

Here goes. Our answers are in red

1) You support overturning Roe v. Wade. Doesn't that mean you support government interference in personal, private medical decisions that should be made between a woman, her family, and her doctor?

We do not support continued government interference on a whole range of issues (see answer to question 4 below) and are of the opinion that the Supreme Court wrongly interfered with an unborn persons right to live in 1973 when it stated that "the term "person" does not apply to the unborn."

2) If you believe abortion should be outlawed and that doctors who provide abortion care should face criminal charges, then do you also believe women should be sent to prison for terminating a pregnancy?


3) Ninety-nine percent of Americans believe it is appropriate for young people to have information about STDs, and 94 percent of Americans think it is appropriate to teach young people about birth control. Do you support honest, realistic, age-appropriate sex education?

We support what works over ideology and political correctness and it is becoming increasing clear that the continued massive increases in the use of contraception and sex education are not working. We know that abstinence, when taught and put into practice, actually works.

4) Do you think it's okay for a pharmacy to refuse to fill a woman's prescription for birth control based on an employee's personal views against contraception?

Wait a minute. Are you saying that the government should interfere with the right of a pharmacist in his/her ability to make a private, personal medical decision (see answer to question 1 above) and maybe even punish that pharmicist if they decide to follow that decision?

5) Do you believe hospital emergency rooms should be allowed to withhold information from a rape survivor about emergency contraception—which can prevent a pregnancy if taken soon after the assault?

The premise of your question is that one assumes that a pregnancy resulting from a rape is automatically an "unwanted" child that must be aborted immediately. However, we know that most women who abort their child conceived in rape come to regret it. The compassionate solution to such a problem is to counsel the women through the trauma of the rape and to provide for her needs in the future. Insisting on abortion as the solution only compounds the problem and makes recovery more difficult.

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