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This morning, Fr. Frank Pavone was on the radio (listen in the Dallas/Fort Worth area on 910 AM KATH to 24/7 Catholic radio) and was asked about the Pope's recent statement agreeing with the Mexican Bishops that Mexican politicians risk excommunication in their support of abortion and Fr. Frank said:

"We don't need in office people who can't see the difference between serving the public and killing the public."
Yes, certainly so. When people who claim to represent the public actually allow the death of that same public, it is reasonable to assume that they do not understand the role of a public servant and have in fact manipulated that role for their own gain.

Many politicians who claim to be Catholic and yet support abortion and receive communion publicly are upset that the Church would speak out against them, claiming that the Church is using the Eucharistic as a weapon to become involved in a political campaign.

But, the Church is rightly defending itself when she speaks against these things and in effect is saying, "Wait a minute, why is it that you are using the Eucharist to promote your own political agenda? That's not what it is for."

This will be important to understand as we head into the 2008 elections. The principles involved do not change from one election to another or from one candidate to another.

View a detailed look at the churches teaching on these issues here.



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