Supreme Court bans partial-birth abortion
US Supreme Court upholds the ban on partial-birth abortion.

5-4 decision issued today was written by Justice Anthony Kennedy, concurrence by Justice Clarence Thomas. Dissent written by Justice Ginsburg.

What is partial-birth abortion?

Text of the decision.

Overview from the Associated Press

". . a monumental victory for the preservation of human life." - Jay Sekulow

" . . this procedure – by which a child is killed in the very process of delivery – has no place in a civilized society." - Fr. Frank Pavone

"The decision gives states a green light to pass this and other prohibitions on partial-birth abortion that are carefullydrafted." - Clark Forsythe

"We will continue to work for the day when every child is welcomed in life and protected in law." - President Bush

Bizarre editorial from the Dallas Morning News - "A slide toward the overturn of Roe vs. Wade is a thought every bit as chilling as images of partial-birth abortion" - Huh?!



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