God graciously blessed me that day
On a Thursday in March, I picked up Amy, a student at the University of Dallas, to sidewalk counsel with me at Routh St, a local abortion mill, but found out that Paula would be alone at Fairmount, so dropped Amy off there. This meant that I would be alone at Routh, but since the White Rose (a local crisis pregnancy center) is next door, I figured this was safer than Paula being alone at Fairmount.

God graciously blessed me that day. I met a mother and daughter going in. The mother could not speak English so I called Natalia at the White Rose to talk to her, but the 14 year old daughter, "C" could speak English very well. She said she had been raped. She had skipped school with a group and gone to a house with them to try some pills to get high. The pills put her to sleep. This is when she was raped. She did not know who did it so did not want to report it to the police. I explained to her how women who have been raped and then have an abortion say that they get over the rape but not the abortion.

I asked if she went to church and she said she was Catholic and preparing for Confirmation in April. She told me which parish she attended. At this point Alvin the guard at Routh St abortion mill, and a staff person came over and escorted the mother and daughter into the abortion mill. As the 14 year old was being lead away, she turned to me and said "I won't do it!"

I was so upset I stood in the alley and cried, even after 7 years of sidewalk counseling sometimes it is overwhelming. I needed prayer support, so I called Marie at the CPLC office and asked for the number of the parish office where C told me she was going to be confirmed. They gave me "D"'s phone number and I called her and asked for prayers for one of her students. She was very upset and said she would indeed pray!

I went to the White Rose chapel with Natalia and we prayed together. About 45 minutes later, someone told me there were people asking for me up front. It was C and her mother. C told me she had been given a sonogram but they would not let her see the screen just as I had told her. First they told her she was too far along to have the abortion, then they changed their mind and said it was ok, but C told them she had changed her mind.

When she had the sonogram at the White Rose, the baby had her hands together as if praying. Yesterday as I was leaving C was going into White Rose and she looked very happy! She was returning for another sonogram.

Written by Carol, a Catholic Pro-Life Committee sidewalk counselor



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