Death is back
Yesterday, Good Friday, a group of about 200 people went to pray at Fairmount abortion mill. It is proper that Christians gather at a place of killing on the very day that we commemorate the death of the One who would set us free from our sins.

Just as those first Christians gathered at the foot of the Cross and lamented the blood shed that day, so we too gather and lament, as well, the innocent blood shed today in our nation. Presence is an important part of witness, "a witness which must be forcefully rendered even when there is a powerful temptation to hide, to give up, to go along with the prevailing opinion."

And yet, it would not be Good Friday without the presence of those who make innocent death possible. So it was 2000 years ago, so it is today.

As the Christians prayed and sang, among them walked the "spiritually dead," those who would choose to ignore the innocent shedding of blood and ridicule the Christians and pretend that they were the ones who were in the wrong. They would also help facilitate the shedding of that blood and ensure that it remained legal.

These are the "deathscorts," those who look death in the face and blink and who were there to escort the women into the abortion mill. Many of them are there because they know that to allow abortion to remain legal is to continue to justify their own behaviours, most of which are not consistent with being a Christian.

The deathscorts pushed the sidewalk counselors out of the way as they escort the women in. It is amazing to watch as they break the law in an effort to ensure that the sidewalk counselors did not. Local law enforcement watches, sees all of this happening and does nothing.

A reporter I spoke to was amazed that so many women and young people were present at the Vigil. I told him that this was the face of the movement and that more and more of them were coming to join us as they finally see the truth about what abortion is and what it does to women and their children. Then he told me that he thought we were intimidating.

The last thing I would call people who want to give themselves away to others in need is intimidating. The truth is they are inspiring.



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