Are You Living the Pro-Life Revolution?
"I want to talk to you tonight about why the turnout is so large, and why it will be even bigger next year.... because we are living in the United States right now, in the midst of a pro-life revolution. Everyone can feel it. It is measurable. It is dramatic. It is dynamic. It is undeniable."

- Michael Medved, March 25, 2006, the Bishop's 13th Annual Catholic Pro-Life Dinner
Coming back to work after preparing for and going through one of the largest pro-life dinners in the nation, and maybe even the world, is not quite a let-down, but let's just say it may take an effort to get "back into the grind" of the normal work mode of our office.

Although, there is nothing normal about the kind of work we do, and this is best shown by the kind of responses received about the dinner.

There was a general sense going into the dinner that we may have our largest turnout ever, and this turned out to be the case as more than 1850 people filled the Chantilly Ballroom last Saturday for the Bishop's 14th Annual Catholic Pro-Life Dinner. Compared to the 2006 Dinner with Michael Medved, we had just over 1600 at that one.

This was our farewell dinner for Bishop Charles Grahmann, who founded the Catholic Pro-Life Committee in 1993, as he will retire on May 1st and be replaced by incoming Bishop Kevin Farrell from Washington D.C. We are grateful to Bishop Grahmann for the vision he had when he started the Catholic Pro-Life Committee and because of that vision, more than 2,700 little babies are alive today through our efforts.

Mike Gallagher from the "Mike Gallagher Show" heard daily from 6-9 am on 660 KSKY, called the dinner "A Dallas Tradition" and would have been in attendance had he not been called away at the last moment.

Many people said afterwards that this was the best dinner we have ever had and that Jennifer O'Neill was the best speaker we have ever had.

There are testimonies from women who have been helped by our work, a video ministry update about the extensive work we are doing, and we recognize and award those who are building the Culture of Life in North Texas and beyond. There is an opportunity, a chance, to partner with us in saving lives and getting more involved.

But more than that, it is a family affair. Many new people are brought into the family, and old friends reconnect, an aspect that is replicated throughout the entire nation as the pro-life movement is actually, one big family.

It sets the pace for the entire next year as the funds raised at the dinner are used to develop and grow the ministries in place that reach hundreds of thousands, and of course, save lives.

We are on track to have an even bigger impact this year than we did last year. With the support of our friends, we will reach even more people and save even more lives, and with the grace of God, we will end this human catastrophe called abortion, and set into place a " concern to make unconditional respect for human life the foundation of a renewed society." Gospel of Life (para 77).


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