My Gabriel Mom, Amanda, a young woman of 21, is pregnant with her second child due in August. The doctors at Methodist Hospital have told her that her unborn baby has a condition called Trisomy 18 and he/she will die soon after birth. They recommend that she terminate the pregnancy. She, of course, only hears their side of it and being medical experts she tends to believe what they say.

Late Monday night Amanda called me with this news and we had a long talk. She's upset and scared. Then she called her other Gabriel Angel, Shelia, and they talked another long while. Since then Amanda will not return our calls. She did tell me that she would go see another doctor with me, but we were supposed to go tomorrow. Now I can't get ahold of her.

Please pray that the Lord will penetrate Amanda's heart and help her choose life a second time (she was a save outside of Routh Street). Pray that she won't end the life of her child but will let God be in control. And that she'll go with me to see Dr. Smith.

One month later: Thank you so much for praying for Amanda. Since I wrote you last, Amanda and I had a nice long visit on March 9. She told me she had made the decision to keep her baby no matter what the outcome of the amnio test! She was going to let God handle it. The routine blood test revealed there was a "problem", but she had to have an amnio test to make sure. The results take about two weeks.

For added support, I took Amanda to see Dr. Smith. He was very gentle and encouraging with her, explaining how even if the baby has Trisomy 18 disorder that it's best for both her and the baby to let God decide what's going to happen. Whether the baby dies before birth or lives forever how long. And she wouldn't have any regrets. He told her of other mothers he knew who gave birth to Trisomy 18 babies and how they were so glad they allowed them to be born and were able to hold and love them. He also offered to be Amanda's primary doctor if she wanted that.

Dr. Smith told her that sometimes the blood tests are wrong and you have to wait for the amnio test for a definite reading. We told Dr. Smith we'd give him the results of the amnio test and she would then make her decision about him being her doctor at that time. Dr. Smith also encouraged Amanda to get stronger in her faith, to go to Mass and Adoration, to bring her concerns and fears to the Lord. It was a very loving and positive experience for Amanda. I just wish all OB/GYNs gave their patients this kind of care.

Amanda called me the following week with the results of the amnio test - all the baby's chronosomes are normal! Praise the Lord!!! And her baby is a little girl which she is most excited about.

Amanda is continuing her GED studies and hopes to graduate before the baby is born in August. Her father also helped her purchase a car and I saw it in the driveway yesteday. It needs a little work on it which her father will do plus get it inspected. By the way, the $300 Amanda did not spend on an abortion was her car "seed money". Amanda's goal is to go to college and become a nurse. And she wants to help other young mothers and their babies.

I told Amanda how proud I am of her and that everything is going to work out. She even had a visit from her children's father who told her he will help support the children as soon as he's able. She is praying for him to come to the Lord. I suggested she pray for God to open up the opportunity for her to ask him to go to Mass. He has not been in a very long time.

Amanda and her family are preparing to move back into the house which Amanda's mom lost due to financial difficulties. She is on disability. Anyway, that's a long story. But a wonderful thing is that Amanda's family have been helping to get the house ready for them to move back into. So this should happen in the next couple of weeks. And they're so excited to be going home!

The family's great need now is a refrigerator and washer/dryer for the house. If anyone can donate these items in good used conditon, please let me know.

Submitted by a CPLC Gabriel Angel



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